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Correspondence letter and decision

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by DepNG, Sep 27, 2019.

  1. hi guys! I’ve applied on sept 16 on paper, eligibility started on 20th sept!
    I just got the correspondence letter(27sept) at 13:19 IST
    Application at IRCC, New Delhi

    Can you please let me know when can I expect the decision?
    Also does correspondence means chances of refusal ? Please let me know
  2. Not really. I have seen people getting approved after the correspondence letter.
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  3. You should get a final decision anytime soon.
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  4. I hope I do, what about you? Any updates in your case? Eligibility started or correspondence?
  5. No updates yet.
  6. Mostly within 24 hours. I got correspondence letter yesterday and today got PPR and approved status.
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  7. A lot of people here said that they got their final decision in 2 to 5 days after the correspondence letter, so there is no specific time, and I have heard that too if you don't get the final decision within 24 hours after the correspondence letter, it's likely you're refused.

    Good Luck.
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  8. Just want to know. I got passport submission letter and I submit it in vfs and the next day i got message in my gc key account your application is refused. What it be I’m confused.
  9. What is your timeline @parmbir ?

    Also guys, 24 hours will be over within the next 2.5 hours, I really hope I get an update!
  10. Didn’t get you?
  11. I got the correspondence yesterday on 27th sept, 13:19 IST
    Today is 28th as well as Saturday, not sure if they send out mails

    I’ll be over with the 24 hours thing in the next 2 hours, that’s what I’m saying

    Also can you please share your timeline? @parmbir when did you apply and got the decision?
  12. I applied on 18th September 2019. And got decision on 25th September 2019 for passport submission. And on 26th September i got correspondence letter saying that your visa is refused.

    So what it mean the visa is approved or its refused
  13. Correspondence letter is the acknowledgment to the submission of biometrics, it doesn’t mean refusal, it simply states the dates till which your biometrics are valid, I’m not quite sure of your case
  14. I already submitted my passport to VFS once i received passport submission letter and after next day i got message in gc Key account saying that your visa is refuse. Don’t know whats going on.
  15. that's strange?! because they never ask for your passport if you're refused! they just request passports when the visa is approved.

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