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CIBC GIC is better

Discussion in 'International Students' started by kk2018, Apr 4, 2019.

  1. I don't know correctly. I don't think the money from your Indian account will get debited if Scotia rejects the amount. When I went to my local bank the next day after depositing , they told me that Scotia did not accept my money due to Name mismatch.
  2. No my account get debited same day. And I received mail a week later from Scotia Bank. I don’t know ‍♂️ why this happened
  3. Try writing a mail to Scotia or contact on the helpline that will only help you
  4. I have been in contact with them since a week. They are only saying that they have made the refund and not giving any helpful information
  5. I did rtgs today. But there was no field to mention ISBO 2019. Will that cause any problem ?
  6. If you have sent your wire transfer, please send us a copy of your wire receipt to mailbox.isbo@cibc.com. We look forward to processing your application once we receive your funds.
    If you have not made your wire transfer yet, the foreign exchange rate that you locked in during your application will expire in 24 hours. This means that if you have not made your wire transfer yet, when we receive your wire we may not be able to honor the foreign exchange rate that you locked in.

    I have done my payment on 2nd December. Do I need to mail A20 form or payment receipt? I haven't received GIC confirmation from CIBC.

  7. Thank You !! But I want to inform you that I have already mailed and I have received by GIC certificate. Thanks once again ☺️
  8. I am asking, do I need to email them something? Like a20 or payment receipt?
  9. Sorry bro. u will have to send the Filled A2 form to them
    Have to done payment in INR or CAD ?
  10. Thanks. I have send them payment receipt, will mail them a20 today. Thanks.
  11. Great.
    add this mail id as well when sending a2 form
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  12. Hello ,
    I have transferred my GIC money from ICICI local branch to CIBC bank on the 3rd Dec. However, I got my confirmation mail of succesful transfer from ICICI bank but yet not received any GIC certificate. My bank is not ready to give me an A20 form. I have submitted my transfer receipt and email of the successful transaction of ICICI to CIBC bank as an alternative of the A20 form. Do I need to submit the A20 form compulsory?
  13. Yes You will have to send the A2 form. The A2 form will be provided to you along with the payment instructions. You just need to write RTGS reference number and sign it. And then scan and send that copy to Payments.Che@sc.com and mailbox.isbo@cibc.com
  14. thanks for your reply. But my bank officer is not ready to give me an A20 form. I have a receipt of my payment in which all the required details are mentioned. Is it sufficient?
  15. Have yo made the payment in INR?
    And The A2 form will be provided by CIBC bank. Login to ISBO CIBC and you will find it there. Alongs side the payment instructions

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