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CIBC GIC is better

Discussion in 'International Students' started by kk2018, Apr 4, 2019.

  1. CIBC GIC is better then Scotia bank GIC, as its is RTGS transfer not wire transfer.
    In wire transfer even small mistake there are chances that GIC will get rejected and this is time consuming.

    After Submitting A2 it just took one day to get the approval letter from them CIBC .

    note : most of bank will not sign the A2 which is ok with CIBC as they just want the RTGS reference number, name, account number and your signature.
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  2. I also did my gic with cibc bank and received gic certificate in one day after transferring money. The A2 form is to be filled and mailed to the given mail id. It will be used by the intermediary bank and not the local bank with which you are doing RTGS/neft
  3. I've applied for CIBC GIC. I've got A2 form and my bank is not giving me the stamp/sign. Is it okay if I fill the form by myself and scan and send them without the stamp/sign of bank? What should be the subject of the mail in which you send this form?
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  4. You don't require the bank stamp. Just mail them the scanned copy. Mail id will be included in your instructions letter
  5. Got my GIC. It was a smooth process. And yeah, didn't need any stamp or sign on the A2. Thanks for the help! :)
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  6. Hi guys, I want to transfer GIC amount to CIBC account.
    I have just one question. After I am done with "Step 2 of 3: Student Information", what's the next step?
    Do I need to go to my bank in person and initiate the transaction or can it be done online?

    I can see there is a timer, so I'm confused if online is even an option.
  7. Complete the online form. After that account will be created in the CIBC isbo portal. There you will find payment instructions and how to transfer money to CIBC. Each step is given in detail in the payment instructions.
  8. Hi shubhamnishad97, I'm asking about the payment instructions. Is it possible to do it online or do we have to go to the bank to do the transaction?

    I am still weighing my options for GIC account. I was about to go with Scotia bank, but then saw good review for CIBC. So I would like to know the steps. Thank you.
  9. You can do online or offline.
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  10. Thank you very much. If you don't mind me asking, I want to ask some questions about the Online General Study Permit process. May I start a conversation with you?
  11. I will suggest you to go to the bank and do this transaction as the amount is big i don't know if you can do the transfer of money by yourself .
    since my cousin did go to the bank and did all .
    also the bank might not be ready to stamp the A2 will is not a big deal for CIBC as they want the reference number and your details.
  12. Hello,
    In my CIBC registration form, under "Purpose of GIC" I put "Travel for Education" instead of personal expenditure. Will that be an issue, since I realized later that GIC is for my day to day expenses and not college/hostel fees.

    Also, my address in bank is different from my passport. I entered the passport address in CIBC form and thats printed on the A2 form. The bank may object, what should I do?
  13. that should not be problem as GIC amount you will get once you come here cant use it for 'Travel for Education".
    I don't think address will create you problem as my cousin had same issue as her bank address was different than passport address( some minor things)
    Bank might not be ready to stamp and sign the A2 as its not WIRETRASFER but that not a big deal CIBC Will not create problem for this.
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  14. how many days it took from starting like applying for gic account online with cibc to get gic certificate please reply i am running out of time. scotiabank rejected my funds 2 times due to silly mistakes of indian bank.

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