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CIBC GIC is better

Discussion in 'International Students' started by kk2018, Apr 4, 2019.

  1. Hi I have just submitted my application in CIBC. Can someone please confirm if can fille the A2 form by myself and send the scanned copy? Would that be Okay? Appreciate the help here guys
  2. CIBC took 2 days in my case. Paid on Monday, received GIC on Wednesday.
  3. Less than week . If you do it properly without delaying the process .
    Scotia back rejects even for a minor mistake.
    Dm if you need more information
  4. A2 form just fill the RTGS or NEFT refrence number ..and your saving account number rest on next page your signature thats it..you can do it by your own later scan and email cibc..
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    I just finished transferring the funds, earlier today. However, I have a question: My Account Name as per my Indian account is in the format - Surname GivenNames while CIBC has created an account for me with the format GivenNames Surname.
    Will this cause an issue with the transaction? I have also mailed them informing this.
    The money has already been debited from my account after the RTGS transfer.
  6. I don't think you name will create a problem but you need to email the scan copy of A2 to cibc and later they will get back to you.
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  7. Thank you for your response! Hopefully they revert soon! How long does it typically take, given that I made the transfer this morning?
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    With in 2 days they Will email you back
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  9. Hey, can you share your experience if you transferred the GIC online? I am also planning to send thru Netbanking RTGS. Please confirm if you got the GIC certificate and in how many days?
  10. No, I went to my bank to transfer the amount. Took me 2 days to receive my GIC.
  11. Oh okay. My bank(Citibank) actually said they have no option
  13. When I am creating account they ask for program but my program is not there in the option. What should I select
  14. Thank you for your reply.
    One more thing, the A2 form we get from CIBC also has a deceleration (under FEMA 1999). Do we need to fill that and what should I mention, my college fee payment details? It also says to mention total amount in USD whereas all my transaction was done in CAD.
  15. I had not filled that part of the form as it was not required.

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