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CEC October 2018 Applicants

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Metalhead_666, Oct 4, 2018.

  1. Thank you for taking the time to reply.
    Also party today.
  2. Nice. I want to do that too but there is no place where i can upload my finger prints. Probably as they have not asked me to do so yet. Did you have the option to upload that report upfront?
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  3. Can someone tell me what the post-PPR timeline might look like? :)
  4. You send in your passport, they stamp a onetime PR visa and send back the passport and CoPR to you in your prepaid envelope.
    This process takes approximately one to two weeks from what I have been reading. The Canada Post strike that created backlogs is delaying delivery of mails including xpresspost. Your location might play an important role in the mailing time. Also, holiday season is coming up so it might add extra time aswell.
    But once you get your passport back, I think you have two options: (1) Flagpole or (2) complete landing at your nearest visa office. Flagpole can happen the same day you get you passport back as some entry points are 24hrs but I have no idea how long does it take to schedule an appointment at a visa office for landing.
    At the time of your landing, they will apply for a PR card for you which you will receive in mail after approximately 50 days. Sometimes people get request to send in new pics for PR card so that can add additional delays.
  5. Thanks, thank was very helpful!
    I have to go outside of Canada for a few weddings in February so i was concerned about sending in the passport. I hope this is not a very time sensitive thing.
  6. If you just got your PPR, there is a possibility that you might not have your PR card by Feb. Without a PR card you can't enter Canada via a commercial vehicle. You will have to apply for a PRTD from the country you are visiting. Or your other option is to drive to states and fly out from there and comeback to Canada by road from states in a private vehicle.
  7. Hi everyone, I have a question. My immigration consultant asked me to do the Canadian police check but it's not required. Can anyone tell me if we really need to upload it when we submit the application? In which case cic will ask for that? Thanks!
  8. Did anyone get this “application/profile updated” on their account recently and didn’t notice any change. Oh dear, I’m worried it might be something negative cos this is my first experience of the “ghost update”
  9. That’s a definite Ghost update! Those of us who have got it, sooner or later, has received some good news. Keep looking :)
  10. Congrats. Did your CIC profile update? Or did you just receive an email re: PPR?
  11. I’ll try to be more positive. I guess it’s because my AOR is just oct 20 which is still less than 2 months hence my worry
  12. LOL! That's not the case my friend. Someone from AOR in Oct, has already got their PPR in November. You can too :D :D
    Anything can happen here!!! ;)
  13. No upadtes on the CIC profile. The only update I got from day of AOR was Medicals passed but after that there have been no updates. I just got an email with subject : Ready for Visa
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  14. Thank you!

    So i am on a work permit extension, and i dont have a PPR yet. my question was hypothetical. So now that i have explained that, i shouldn't have the issues that you're talking about, right?
  15. Sorry, I have a question regarding sending of passports. Can I send it through any mail service like Canada post etc or are there specific visa application centres where we are required to send it? I live in Saskatchewan and I can’t seem to find a VAC close to me.

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