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CEC October 2018 Applicants

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Metalhead_666, Oct 4, 2018.

  1. Hey guys,

    Everyone who received their ITA in October, let's connect here and share our timeline!

  2. ITA Received on 10/03.
    Medicals done 10/04.
    CEC Inland - CRS 501. IELTS Overall 8.0
  3. I received on 03/10
    Going this weekend for medicals.
    Next week for Police clearance.

    Any suggestion regarding Bio-metrics, is it required..??

  4. hi there
    I submitted my pr application on 4oct
    and there is acknowledgement of receipt
    but I can't find any status like the other applicants can see.

    could you please where should I go to check my application status
    why can't I see the NA STATUS
  5. oh no
    I got te status

    Actually I have a question about background status

    I just submitted my application 2 days ago and medical exam not started in processing yet, but my background status is "NOT APPLICABLE"

    Could you please.............Is it normal ?

  6. You don't need to submit the biometrics unless they ask for it. I am getting my PCC done next as well!
  7. It is normal. They will update it once the case officer picks up your profile.
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    ITA Received on 9/20
    AOR on 10/9
  9. Okay, Thank you..
  10. I guess this an old question. But I don't have a choice.
    The system has calculated 2 years of work experience a month earlier and sent me an ITA on 3rd October while I expected an ITA on 8th of November.

    Should I accept / decline the ITA?

    Thanks in advance for your input. Please advise.
  11. Well, I am pretty sure that you would have done your research before hand on this. Many applicants get their PR without any issues although they are a month short, however a few of them get rejected too (although I haven't personally come across those candidates).

    Ideally, it would be 'safe' to decline the ITA and accept it in the subsequent draws once you complete the two years experience. Cheers!
  12. Thank you!
  13. ITA received on October 3rd
    AOR on October 10th
  14. Hi There,

    Can someone help me with this 2 doubts..

    #If we decline Invitation (received on Oct 3rd) can I drop my file again, will I be eligible to drop my file again..!! ( I am planning to drop after 10 days by gathering all work documents)
    (Because I have 3 days less to 1 year experience)

    # And Can I use my Medicals and Police clearance which are done just last week or do I need to go again..??

    Please suggest if anyone knows..

    Thanks in advance..
  15. Hi I received ITA on Sept 5 and submitted my application on Oct 12. Same day, I received the AOR-APR. My medical was done on Sept 21 and submitted to CIC on Oct 1. I have 1 dependent.
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