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CEC - MAY 2019 Applicants - Join Here

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Wolfpmd3, May 1, 2019.

  1. 22 days left for me AOR 31st MAY
  2. mine is same case.... aor 24 th may 2019 and rprf fees requested 4th july 2019. after that no update. medical also passed on 4th july 2019.
  3. Hi Friends, Anyone got PPR recently? If so, kindly share us the timelines. Thanks.
  4. No waiting for mine .... 4days left for the completion of the processing time given
  5. mine 171 days completed. and no ppr yet....
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  6. Sorry for the large image ( don't know how to resize)

    Is it some sort of good news for me? got a reply from CIO

    AOR May 21, CEC inland
    VO: CIO Sydney, NS

  7. Hello! If I will have a study permit with part time (20 hours) work permit for 9 months and then the next 9 months a full time PGWP. Do the part time hours count to get a 1 year+ Canadian Work Experience?
  8. Nope. Any job done while on study permit does not count
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  9. Hi folks
    Is there any CEC-applicants chatting group?
  10. Estimated remaining processing time: 17 Day(s)

    I pray it doesn't go beyond that.
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  11. Same, mine is down to 14 days... it kinda seems like the process is slower than usual, or is that just my perception?
  12. Are you CEC inland? Whats your VO?
  13. yes i also hope it should take more than 6 months.... my vo is sydney and i noticed most people waiting for ppr with may aor are stuck in Sydney office.
    when did they requested RPRF fees for you.?
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  14. 5 days remaining for me, no updates. Montreal VO
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    Yep, inland. I'm in Toronto, but dunno how to check what my VO actually is.

    Also payed all fees upfront.

    I called them a few weeks ago and they confirmed that there weren't any requests for additional documents or anything, and no need for fingerprints or anything else. The lady on the phone said everything was fine with the application and I just need to wait.
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