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CEC - MAY 2019 Applicants - Join Here

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Wolfpmd3, May 1, 2019.

  1. Hello Everyone, can someone please help with the below-

    AOR- May 19, no updates after MEP since June 27

    Applied for *TRV* (inside Canada) - Oct 22, no updates so far.

    I have already booked tickets for Nov 24, what should I do? Need suggestions. I have my exams for masters from Dec 3 in India.
    Should i submit proof of tickets, and other stuff? Will that expedite the process?
  2. hell i applied yesterday i need it by dec 6... call them.. have you applied online?
  3. mine is also AOR 24 th may and MEP july 4 th.... any idea why only certain of us with may aor are stuck..?
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  4. Oh. That is bad situation. Call CIC and ask them, they should help you. They should understand such scenarios. All the best

    Mine booking is done for Dec end. Same AOR May 19 and no updates.
  5. Everyone from May Aor are stuck... don’t know what they doing
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  6. Hopefully, my AOR is May 2nd, now I am officially over the 6 months.

    This is what I get now:
    We are processing your application. We will send you a message when there is an update or if we need more information from you.

    Your application is taking us longer than usual to process.

    About 20% of our applications are more complex to process. They take us longer due to things like how easily we can verify information, how well and how quickly you answer our requests and whether the application is complete."
  7. Automated excuses.
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  8. Thanks but I think thats a standard response post the 6 month period. I have a colleague who is April AOR and he got same message after his 6 months got over.

    Overall eveything seems to be delayed, i requested GCMS notes and its been 32 days and still have not received them :|
  9. An officer requested notes on my behalf in July and still haven’t gotten them.
  10. I received mine(GCMS Notes) today, they have not touched my file after 7/11, i sent them RCMP on 7/18 as per their request and they have not even looked at it. :|
  11. Same here, AOR MAY 31st, MEP JULY 9th
  12. Must be the same as what's happening with mine. Submitted my RCMP on July 3rd, after they requested it on June 18. Since then all it says it that they're reviewing the additional documents I provided and working on my background check.

    Seems like BS, these people are not even working on our files.
  13. Hi,

    CEC Inland applicant
    ITA - May 26
    MEP Passed - July 4
    Ghost update - around last week of August. Medical passed has change to "you do not need a medical". My spouse's medical has expired but I haven't received an update yet if my spouse needs to do another medical or if it was extended.

    There's only 22 days left. I have called CIC just now, as per the agent, Eligibility and Background check is still under review.

    Does this mean we would need to wait longer than the supposed 6-month processing time? I'm so worried.
  14. Mine is 26 days left. It's slow because i'm with Sydney VO and that's currently the slowest VO when your eligibility is marked as "Review Required"
    You should order GCMS notes if you haven't, it'll give you more information about your application.
  15. Oh I forgot to ask the agent which VO my application is. Yes, i ordered gcms notes earlier.

    Hope we'll get PPR this month. Do you have an idea how long does Sydney VO process an express entry application?

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