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canadians hates new immigrants

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by chefchopra7, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. Well, let's look at this VERY interesting racist oriented Canadian source:
    Ref: canadaupdates dot com/content/canadians-hate-more-immigrants-coming-16353 dot html


    Currently the statistics say the number of immigrants is increasing at a high rate. The increase is either, due to the Temporary foreign workers increasing or on the study basis. But maximum increase is the result of increase in number of Temporary foreign workers.

    The Canadians are of point of view that the increase in number of outsiders to their country is affecting their privileges. They strongly feel the immigrants are taking more advantage of their countries resources rather than giving to its economy.

    They also find them responsible for the increasing rate of unemployment of the country. They feel there should be check on the number of skilled labors coming to the country, but politicians have reasoned that, increasing number of temporary workers, are those who people who already have jobs waiting for them here according to their qualifications and experience. Continuing with it they finally settle down and hence get the permanent residence ship.

    Their settling down is what that create more and objectionable problems for the Canadians, as most of them enters as temporary labors as low skilled ones and then finally remains the country for the coming times. There worry is further justified by the statistics that turned up as the number of such workers in Canada grew by 2, 83,096.

    As most them cannot get permanent residence unless they get approval from the province they are working in, still they try and remain after their visas have expired.

    The locals also criticize the loose government policies, as they have no proper records as how many of those who visas are expired are still here. They don’t find it right that those whose stay duration has been ended in the country should work or stay here.

    They want reforms in the border exit system so that clear picture should be studied and taken care off.

    But according to the current needs Manitoba specifically wants more people to enter so as to fill the vacant positions, as it is going a phase of underemployment and there is a need for total professionals which immigrants can serve the purpose. Some leaders find it baseless to be against the immigration.

    Another reason why the original Canadians are worried is, they think they are losing their own culture. Only few leaders oppose the viewpoint regarding multiculturalism, other politician’s support it has as they provide the original culture with lot of flavors.

    P.S. God bless immigrants!
  2. I don't believe that at all..
  3. Canadians in general don't hate anything. Some Canadians may hate immigrants or hate that immigrants are getting jobs that they themselves don't have the skills to perform. Too bad for them.
  4. Loved this one Leon. +1
  5. Hilarious thing, Alberta is seen elsewhere, in stereotypical fashion, as a province of conservative hicks/rednecks, and likely hate immigrants, yet have far more openness to different things and are more a melting pot (not only in a social context but more importantly, in a business context), especially in Calgary, than the rest of the country.

    My first experience in Alberta was rather symbolic for how I've experienced this province, going to a TD branch to pull out rent money, in there was an overly dressed (and very good looking) Sikh employee who, upon finding out I just drove from Ontario, literally talked my head off (practically disregarding other customers) telling me about places to go visit, where to find employment agencies, good places in the city to live, and gave me her number in case I needed any help. Most of my experiences with people like her in Ontario was simply being disregarded, as people of different cultures tend to like to stick to their own kind and more often than not expect you to go to them/bend over backwards for them. In Alberta, people really don't seem to care what your background is, you're either nice or a douche. This is how it should be.

    So I would certainly recommend cities in Alberta like Calgary as a place to live to new immigrants, especially those who are more into productively living their lives and not blaming their shortcomings on racism like certain posters here have a penchant for doing.

  6. This is my experience too -- I'd always heard Alberta talked down as a disgusting industrial wasteland run by jerk Tex-anadians. In fact, everyone here has been friendly and polite, and the government itself is really more of a petro-socialist welfare state than America North. My wife and all of her friends study for free, and the ones who have kids or are on their own are literally paid every month to survive and upgrade. I've seen no hostility to immigrants at all, and even though I've been working on a number of short-term contracts, each time one runs out I immediately find a very diverse set of options: some private, some public. And if you don't have any education or English, but can carry a shovel, you can join a union and make 38 bucks an hour (rent and board for free), plus overtime, up north.
  7. I have the same experience with AB. In my experience, Toronto is a big city feel where people can't be bothered to look at the next person or give them the time of day. The country folks in AB are more likely to hold the door open for you with a smile.

    I think it also plays a part that AB has less unemployment and Toronto has a higher rate of immigrants. People in Toronto think you came to take their jobs or go on welfare while people in AB think you came there to fill the positions that are available.
  8. Thank you all.

    This seems to be valuable info and even explains differences with in Canada.

    I would appreciate if some one could compare AB or toronto for that matter to Montreal in particular and Quebec in general. Also in the context if it makes a difference if you are a permanent immigrant vs a temp worker.
  9. good one... ;)
  10. Well said...the sad truth is, their government won't be hiring skilled immigrants if there people can do the work for them..they just find us more hardworking than their people...

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