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Atlantic Immigration Pilot Programme (AIPP)

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Emmashady, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. I don't think they do... From my findings, it takes 4-6 months for outland applications to be approved.
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  2. Hi, I got my PPR on July 2nd. Sent them the passport but did not receive the CoPR yet.
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  3. Did you receive the pre arrival letter? if yes, when?
  4. Please can you share your timeline.
  5. My timeline is in my signature. Just the PPR is not there which is July 2nd 2019. I got my Pre-Arrival along with the medical request on 21st March.
  6. Thanks for sharing. Please does Pre-arrival letter indicate a positive sign? I received my AOR on June 26th, BIL and Medical pass on June 27th, uptill now I haven't received my pre-arrival letter.
  8. Congratulations...best wishes...
    Which is your destination province?
    I think yours is the most recent PR.
    Now i am sure that when IRCC sends third ghost update it means decision made in the application. After that whatever delay their is by the visa office sending PPR.
  9. In most cases pre arrival letter means your eligibility has been met. I have confirmed this thing with GCMS notes and timelines of several PR applications.
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  10. 15-25 days.
  11. Please how do one catch this ghost update? Is it by daily checking of our MyCIC account? Also, do we get an update via email when this happens. I need clarification on this matter.

  12. I always check mycic daily. Ghost updates are not notified by email. In my theory now AIPP eligibility, criminality and security is done at CIO-Sydney. I read somewhere that minister hussein said he will increase AIPP officers from 5 to 13. After CIO is done completing eligibility,criminality,security CIO transfer the file to the visa office responsible for sending PPR.
    Most time consuming is ‘security’ as it is done by CSIS and CBSA. As they are independent from IRCC they work on their own schedule. One of my friend in the recent express entry draw got ITA-PPR in 10 days, it felt surreal.
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    Thanks for the detailed explanation. Again, I heard there are preferential treatments in handling high skilled and intermediate level applications. Is it true that high skilled are processed faster than high skilled Applicants.? I need your input here. Thanks
  14. Maybe on endorsement level there can be some special treatment but on federal level i don’t think any such treatment is given to applications. And yes employee retention rate of employers who are taking part in this program since 2017 plays a good role in swift processing,as it opts out the fraud-fake employers/employee thing.
  15. Thanks for your explicit answers. What stage are you currently in on the AIPP stream. I saw a post sometime last where you said you've successfully received your endorsement from NS within three (3) days. Am I right? Have you applied for your PR or probably still gathering your documents as this process requires carefulness in order to put in the right documents.

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