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Atlantic Immigration Pilot Programme (AIPP)

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Emmashady, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. Really? it surprises me as I saw only in person or post mail modes in the guidelines document. Anyway, good luck with your immigration process ahead!
  2. Please help me how to apply for jobe offer. My noc is 2132
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    Hey bud, I’m on pgwp too and I’m planning to apply soon. Did pgwp holder also required to apply for for provincial endorsement before applying for PR?
    Will be expecting your response, thanks
  4. Could you please tell me how you got your endorsement application renewed. Mine is bout to expire
  5. Dear friends, I need in your advice and help.
    My application for immigration was approved and I with my family received immigration visa in our passport and Confirmation of Permanent Resident on December, 2018y. Then I wrote my employer that my application approved and I with my family are going to him.

    But January,2019y I received a letter refused that says that province withdraw endorsement letter. I do not understand why? How province can withdraw endorsement if it deadline was until November. How they withdraw outstanding endorsement if PR process is complete and no endorsement is necessary anymore.

    We sold the apartment, car, equipment and most important I have quit my job, my husband left work, took children from school. We bought tickets to Canada and were going immigrate to Canada. I have lost everything in one day. I went to this goal for a very long time. I spent 6 years of my life on it, I took IELTS, went to Kiev to info-session of New Brunswick, passed the whole immigration process, spent a lot of time and money.

    My employer said that he does not have influence in immigration decision and offers me to begin process again. Thanks to my employer, I applied documents to AIPP second time. But unfortunately, I am waiting Endorsement 6 months. I called to the Population Growth office but I with my employer don’t have any information. During this period the applicants get PR. It so long time. I lost a lot of time and money. I never imagined that immigration to Canada would change my life so much and have such terrible consequences.
  6. Is there any WhatsApp group for AIPP?
  7. PM me your number, I will have it added.
  8. This is really a sad case but I think there's a purpose for everything in life. I share your pain and may God comfort you and make an easy way for you and your family quickly. However, can you get an Immigration Lawyer to appeal this case? Have you enquired directly from NB to know why your endorsement was cancelled even after you have received COPR? This is totally strange! Which company is your employer and can they keep the job offer till you are through with your case?
  9. its really a sad situation. I feel you should approach an immigration lawyer and pursue the case. Not a consultant but a lawyer
  10. Does anyone know who was the most recent person who got PR under AIPP in this group? Is IRCC still processing outland application under 3 months or not?
  11. Hi All,

    Anyone recently got their endorsement letter from NS? My employer submitted to the government last April and still not received yet. Thanks
  12. Hello everyone.
    So I have received my NB endorsement last month and I will be applying for PR under
    Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program.
    I am already in Canada and been working two jobs. I will meet the 1560 hours required next month.
    I am 29 weeks pregnant and will be on maternity leave with my employers starting August 23rd. My question is, Can I still apply for the PR even on leave from my work?
    Please if anyone has been in this situation let me know.
    Thank you
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  13. I got confused with your situation, weren't you still waiting for your endorsement? Sorry I just remember you asking for my endorsement timeline.

    I think if you have your passports stamped with Visa already, then this is official that they can't take it back anymore. Talk to IRCC maybe there is a communication gap there.
  14. [QUOTE = "Jena17, post: 8006041, member: 749311"] Bonjour à tous.
    Donc, j'ai reçu mon avenant NB le mois dernier et je vais faire une demande de RP sous
    Programme de qualification intermédiaire de l'Atlantique.
    Je suis déjà au Canada et j'ai occupé deux emplois. Je rencontrerai les 1560 heures requises le mois prochain.
    Je suis enceinte de 29 semaines et serai en congé de maternité chez mes employeurs à compter du 23 août. Ma question est la suivante: puis-je quand même faire une demande de RP même en congé de mon travail?
    S'il vous plaît si quelqu'un a été dans cette situation faites le moi savoir.
    Merci [/ DEVIS]
    Yes no problem.
  15. You should have 1560 hours(12months) experience gained during last 3 years before IRCC receives your application. In your application don’t forget to declare that your application as a refugee was refused. As this is the golden chance for you too. Once you have 1560 hrs of qualifying work exp then you may take leave as long as you are able to prove your work exp to IRCC via paystubs,job letter etc

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