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Asylum or immigrate to Canada

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by SADIQ YAQUBI, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. I’m living in Sweden and have works permit visa but I’m from Afghanistan, I want to immigrate to Canada because I cannot return back to my country, I don’t know how I can apply online I mean from Sweden?????
    Thanks for comments and information
  2. You can apply to immigrate through an economic immigration stream like Express Entry online from Sweden. Information on how to apply is in the link below:


    You cannot apply online from Sweden for asylum.
  3. What makes you eligible for asylum shopping?
  4. I'm currently Living In America As Asylum Seeker.But Almost 5 Years I Didn't Get Anything My son And Wife Waiting For Me
    I Dont Know When I Get Approved.
    Now I'm Planing To Moove To Canada As A Refugee Pls Need Idea About this
    Abdul Kareem
  5. I am living in Nigeria. I am a sexual minority and my family is traitening to kill me becuase of my sexual orientation. If i enter canada through visitor visa, can i get assylum?
  6. You can certainly apply for asylum. None of us here can tell you if it will be approved or not.
  7. Getting a visa to visit Canada will be one of the difficult parts.

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