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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by JoshC, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. file recieved 30 april ...still no sign of AOR..spouse living in india..shoud i call cic or wait for 60 days?? thanks
  2. was ur applications signed when received?

    if so, just wait
    i tried calling them but could never get through then eventually got aor

    was also told on this forum it can take 90days
    1. Received:April 15
    2. AOR:May 28
    3. SA&MR:June 3
    4. Biometric Fee Paid:June 14
    • Sharing My Timeline ,Waiting for the next step .Good Luck Guys.
  3. actually my file is done by an agent i think everything was signed before sending...i just wanna ask can i still call them and inquire about my file if i am processing my file through an agent ? or should i tell my agent to call?
  4. Which pictures are we taking about here. The ones for PR application which they need four. Do we need to just mention name on the back. Anything else that needs to be mentioned on the back. Please suggest.

  5. Write your name, spouse’s name, both dob and little description about the photograph.
  6. if going trough agent,tell him/her to call

    which city are u sponsoring from if you dont mind me asking
  7. pictures of our relation (Wedding, ceremony, honeymoon, etc)

    like above poster said, name and dob of both sponsor and PA
    in description i just included where we were and the timing (i.e. shopping at X mall after our wedding)

    try to include pictures that have landmarks (i.e. buildings) in background, or locations such as malls.
  8. I see no PPRs for April 4 applicants yet?? Has anyone received it yet
  9. What’s ur PA status says on ECAS
  10. living in williams lake bc ,agent in abbotsford bc
  11. Still shows in process. Last I received was file transfer to local visa office on June 14
  12. My ecas not updated
    Still says we sent medical request. But after that file was already transferred to visa office.

    Is this normal
  13. Could u please take screen shot if your ECAS
  14. Recieved our COPR June 21st :D
    American applicant.
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