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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by JoshC, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. Thanks Cass59. I gave a try again and i could add the record. Thank you for your input. Much appreciated
  2. I got through with that number whilst in the UK. Did you try just the once?
  3. Hello friends,

    Need some guidance.

    I am a Canadian citizen willing to sponsor my spouse and a child( 10 years old)living outside of canada. I have couple of clarifications on forms to be filled.

    1) Form IMM1344: Do i have to fill two separate forms for my spouse and child? There is no space to provide two names in a form.

    2)IMM 008 dependent : Do we have to fill this to provide information about our child. We only have one child

    Please suggest.

  4. Several times, nothing. I tried filling out a web form and also, cant fill it out as I dont have a UCI number as we haven't heard a thing from Canada, all I saw was when the postman delivered my application on the 29.
    I am so frustrated as I saw someone called and got through to someone saying they told them they have their package and are working on it.
    Meanwhile, my mom called from Canada on the 1888 number and she said she cant get through because they want the UCI number. I have no recieved anything so I cant get any updates.
    I dont understand and am about to give up and reapply from Canada I guess. Something must be wrong and or they lost my application.
    If anyone else has mailed their package and saw it got delivered but never heard anything or is in a similar boat please email me.
  5. Try *67 613 944 4000, that should block your caller ID and may let you through.

    When you get through. Just look for the menu option that talks about family sponsorship and then press 0 which will take you to an agent. I called before AOR1 and they asked for my details and said they’d located it. The menu options your mom took seems to be the one where you need to fill in either the UCI or App number to basically hear what GCKEY tells you.
  6. Thank you dear Josh!! I might get my brother or relatives in England to call if this doesn't work. I so appreciate you trying to help me.
  7. I am in a similar situation package was received on the 29th and I took the extra signature with canada post so I know my package was received there. I've called yesterday they said that they don't see any files with receipt number and told me that someone is probably working on it and to be patient like you said its either something is wrong which I hope not because my previous application was refused in February because of missing documents or someone is really slow/in vacation. Canada bureaucracy is garbage, best thing to do is being patient
  8. Hello
    Guys, I see all of you whenever you get medical or fingerprints requests you give them in a few days after the request.
    How does it work?
    Because to do a medical exam or fingerprints, I need to book an appointment (what can take one month just to have an appointment)
    Did you finish the medical exam and fingerprints even before you apply?
    Thank you)
  9. Biometrics and medical exams are given when you receive the request after submission. the timeline for appointment depends on location you will be going to for these which differ from country to country, vfs and medical centers.
    suggest to look at the tracker and follow applicant from your PA country to determine the average time.
  10. Wow my lawyer did not tell me about this.
  11. Anyway I booked appointments)
    Thank you
  12. I knew something was, our application is on it's way back to us for missed signature. No clue where.

    Does this mean we have to start over from the bottom?
  13. You have call them? Well Starting over you will need to check for any updated documents and fill any missing signature but yea you will go back at the bottom of the list
  14. Sadly yes:( but looks like the COPR time for march was 91 days, and is looking to be similar for April applications

    hopefully you're application is processed quickly. goodluck!
  15. FML. Well best of luck to all of you and thank you for your help!

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