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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by JoshC, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. Damn now I am stressing
  2. Mine was returned as well. It fucking sucks. My wife cried on the phone and mentally it was torture for us both. But someone at that time told me to just get the file ready asap and send it back asap

    I checked everything 300x the second time and eventually got the number and we have been transfer now.

    It sucks but all we can do is keep our head up and submit again asap.
  3. Yours was also received on the 29th?
  4. Application received April 4
    Medical passed June 21...
    What is the next step?
  5. do you mind me asking what was wrong?
  6. Biometrics then file transfer to local visa office
  7. Jan 25 I initially submitted
    Returns March 13
    Then April 25 received after resubmission
  8. Forgot to include travel form
    And then pictures didn't have name written on back

    They didn't mention specifically those things (just said follow checklist ) but that's what I changed when submitting again.
  9. I have got the file transfer to missisauga and BR complete 2 weeks ago and also to file the provincial quebec file as well, has anyone submitted the quebec file to MiDi ? If so what are the next steps and any timeline ref for quebec ?
  10. wow thats crazy, i’m surprised they returned for that.. i’m sorry :( this stresses me for mine. i am not an april applicant however, i just applied a few weeks ago
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  11. I am April 18th sponsor. I got AOR since May 31st. But today I received SA letter in my mailbox and it was dated June 5th. So I guess not all SA letter is sent to the provided email some might be sent to the physical address.
  12. I saw the longest applicant got AOR after 56 days, it will be 56 days for me on sunday should I call them everyday? Or contact my MP? This is beyond ridiculous. May applicants already got AOR
  13. don't stress, just wait haha
    I was stressing a lot because my AOR took almost 2x as long as most april applicants :(
  14. A letter mail or email?
  15. april 30 application recieved still waiting for aor ...feeling worried

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