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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by JoshC, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. Yes i did. They receive it immediately. However it takes a long time to reflect on IRCC website. I submitted docs on July 5 and my account still shows waiting for docs to be submitted. However, i called for GCMS notes which states they received the docs and even the processing officers comments and the file had moved to the next stage.
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  2. Thank you Sybrs.
    By the way did you receive any acknowledgment for the email you sent?
  3. Webfrorm within week they have been received
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  4. well, the day has come PPR for PA today.. one day after DM. thx all and I wish you all GOOD LUCK... be patient and it will come
  5. i sent additional documents to CPC-Mississauga on October 29th and the status in GCKey was updated the next day. I got a ghost update about 2 weeks ago and haven't seen any movement on the application since. Has anyone experienced really long eligibility / background checks at CPC-Mississauga ? How long should I expect this to go?
  6. After a long wait , we got Decision made today

    -Sponsor: Canadian citizen
    -PA: Uganda
    -App sent: 23rd April
    -AOR: 4th June
    -BR: 11th June
    -SA: 12th June
    -MR: 12th June
    -Medical done: 13th June
    -Bio done: 17th June
    -Bio passed: 17th June
    -Transfer to VO mississauga: 19th June
    -Medical passed: 20th June
    -Transfer to VO Dar es Salaam: 2nd July
    -VO started processing file on 10th July
    -Request 4 additional documents 22nd July
    -Additional documents provided 23rd July
    -Call to IRRC agent 20th Aug (they confirm they did not receive any additional information)
    -Second submission of documents 20th Aug
    -phone call from Cic agent 19th Nov
    -Decision made 20th Nov
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  7. Congratulations @kalegale
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  8. did you get passport request yet ?

  9. Did you get a passport request or DM?
  10. Hi bro please tell me when you background check start in gckey ?!

  11. how long did you wait from pre arrival to DM?
  12. I don't have "Decision Made" yet, just received Pre-Arrival services on November 14th.
  13. Not yet, passport request , hopefully this week.
  14. Dont you think its not too late to ask for csq?
  15. Hello Everyone,
    Please what's up with mississauga lately, file was transferred there over 2 months now, with no update. Anyone in the same situation as me?

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