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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by JoshC, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. I wasn’t informed, it just showed up on GCkey in the section called “background check.”

    There was no email sent or any notification...I think they call that a “ghost update.”
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  2. I’d like to go on holiday to Canada! Lol!
  3. Can you please confirm what does background check status shows in GCKEY when background check starts ?

    Also, what do you mean by ghost update ?
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  4. Hi

    I applied for PR for my wife and three kids and i send all the document since 4 April 2019 , and till now no medical test request my visa office is in Amman -Jordan any one here with same status or same visa office , any can help . Thanks
  5. Mine says background check is in progress...I get that.. But that's what it's said since day 1. Or maybe I can't tell the difference. Like when my medical showed up a date popped up next to "You passed your medical" so I was thinking something similar would be reflected for the background check. Thanks anyway!
  6. That was the fastest I’ve seeing. Congratulations
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  7. only way of knowing if in fact your background check has started is by calling or ordering notes. Criminality which consist of validating your PCC and receiving your biometrics and is the quickest in the process. Medical is another layer and again easy to determine but security is the tough one and takes the longest to complete as IRCC is not responsible for conducting security checks. In my case, criminality passes the day my husband completed biometrics.
  8. That’s the same way it looks for me. “Background check is in process.”
    No notification or anything, no date beside it.
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  9. Congratulations!! Did you get an email when your “decision was made”?
  10. Hello, we received medical surveillance form IMM 0535 today. Is this PPR soon? I believed this will be handed to the border officer at port of entry in Canada. I'm just wondering what is next after this. Thank you!
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  11. No. .I just saw it updated in ECAS. I got passport request email.
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  12. Any April 25 applicant who got PPR today?
  13. Post timeline please.
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  14. Congratulations!!
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  15. Im an april 26 applicant and the website shows “in process” so i guess the background check is going on. Medical and biometrics have been done and file got transferred to Mississauga on june 9
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