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  1. PA : Philippines
    Application Received : April 11, 2019
    AOR : May 25, 2019
    Biometrics Request : May 29, 2019
    Medical Request : May 30, 2019
    Transfer to CPC Missassauga : June 5, 2019
    Bio Given : June 19
    Medical Given : June 20
    Medical Passed : June 29 (GCKEY update)
    Transfer to Manila : July 09 (Through Email)
    BGC : In progress
    DM : Awaiting
    PPR : Awaiting
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  2. Since when is the PA side showing “in process”?

  3. We almost have the same timeline and I was told by Manila VO, "it appears that your file will be transferred by CPC-Mississauga to IRCC Manila for further processing." I don't know how accurate is that. As of now our file is still in CPC Mississauga. Do you know what could be the reason why they send it to Manila?
  4. We have almost the same timeline until now our file still in cpc-m file transfer June 19 no update since file tranfer
  5. thanks, our file is still in cpc-m since June 19 bgc also in progress nothing change since I link my account to gckey
  6. Did you get the Transfer to Manila email Philippines day time? or middle of the night in the Philippines?
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    My husband got the email Tuesday 7:18PM Canada time. He's my representative.
  8. I've read that Manila office are quite slow when it comes to processing , and our GCkey and ECAS will not be updated as fast as it was before (read it from a 2017 forum post though). Nevertheless, I hope we get the good news soon. ^_^
  9. I've read some posts here in forums,and it is usual for Filipinos, to have their files transferred to Manila Visa Office.
  10. My timeline is almost the same as yours @BhattPrateek, hoping I get DM and PPR this week! Congrats again!


    PA : USA
    Application receive date : 18th Apr 2019
    AOR : 31st May, 2019
    SA approval email: 5th June 2019
    Biometric Req : 5th June, 2019
    Medical Req : 7th June, 2019
    Biometric Given : 20th June,2019
    Medical Given : 17th June, 2019
    BioM Passed : 20th ,2019
    Medical Passed : 28th June, 2019
    VO Transferred : Mississauga ( 12th June, 2019)

    DM : ?
    PPR : ?
  11. Congrats bro, how did you get to know whether you passed the biometrics? Is updated somewhere or are we notified about the same ?
  12. For Biometrics:

    On Gckey it says “completed.” Does this mean I passed? Is this what everyone’s says for biometrics?
  13. Yep, that means you passed. Not that I've seen anyone "fail" the biometrics, I don't think you can :p But yes, that means the information was received by CIC successfully!
  14. Hello got the appr
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  15. @sweetkrish did you get an email regarding file transfer?

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