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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by JoshC, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. Slow week... summer vacation... Some officers have their holidays and enjoying their cottages;(
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  2. Yeah, the process for the April applicants is actually slowed down!
  3. so, go on holiday also;)
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  4. I have a similar issue however in mine medical was requested and it was submitted on 18th June file was transferred on 12th June. However I have not received BR yet. Is it a normal trend?
  5. It happens, there really is no set order for the requests to come in. From what I've seen, most people get the biometrics and medical requests while their file is still at Sydney, but several get transferred to a VO without having received one or the other. I can't tell you why that happens, or if it means anything, but it's not uncommon. So I wouldn't worry!
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  6. Thanks
  7. I guess there is no certain procedure the file is been treated. It might depend on individual cases
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  8. i saw it on gckey
    i cant quite remember if it has been updated or it is the original message from the day i linked my application
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    june my file was transferred to Mississauga. I passed my medical last June 29. Got an email today saying that my file was transferred to Manila. What could be the next step?
  10. Decision Made on ECAS/Passport request received:


    PA : India
    Application receive date : 18th Apr 2019
    AOR : 31st May, 2019
    SA approval email: 5th June 2019
    Biometric Req : 6th June, 2019
    Medical Req : 7th June, 2019
    Biometric Given : 15th June,2019
    Medical Given : 13th June, 2019
    BioM Passed : 18th ,2019
    Medical Passed : 23rd June, 2019
    VO Transffered : Missisauga ( 17th June, 2019)
    DM : 9th July, 2019
    PPR : 9th July, 2019
  11. May I know ur timeline pls??
  12. me. i'm the sponsor. applied for CSQ on May 24th. Credit card charged on June 11th. What's your timeline?
  13. Congratulations
    Did you get the line 2 in ecas? If so when was it??
  14. Congratulations! Please update the tracker :)
  15. Does anyone have a screen shot sample of gckey or some kind of email letter showing clear statement that "we have started processing PA background check.."??

    Hows is the PA usually informed when it has started? Thanks

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