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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by JoshC, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. 3rd april
  2. Ecas only shows DM
  3. Please share ur time line
  4. file rec 3 april

    Aor 10 may

    so 7 june

    medical 7 june

    medical done 11 june
    medical passed 17 june
    biometric 7 june

    biometric done 12 june

    file transfer to vo 19 june
  5. Mine is same but file was TRANSFERRED on June 05 but still no DM
  6. Yes. Took 5 day for mine to update.
  7. on which base they pick files at mississuage
  8. Sponsor: Canadian citizen
    PA: Uganda
    App sent: 23rd April
    AOR: 4th June
    BR: 11th June
    SA: 12th June
    MR: 12th June
    Medical done: 13th June
    Bio done: 17th June
    Bio passed: 17th June
    Transfer to VO mississauga: 19th June
    Medical passed: 20th June
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  9. crossfinger
  10. Status changed to In Process to Decision Made. Does that mean application has been approved?
  11. when file transfer to other vo?
  12. I have a question and if anyone can help I would very much appreciate:
    We got a biometric request yesterday and hoping to get medicals soon.
    Now; is it possible to do biometric at VAC or medicals in a country other than your country of residence/citizenship? My PA lives 6 hrs away from Kampala (Uganda) where there is VAC and possibly immigration doctors which is closer than Dar es salaam ( Tanzania) which is her country of residence and citizenship, however it’s a 48hrs bus trip to Dar es salaam where the VAC is and Immigration doctors.
  13. Moved to Mississauga: June 07, 2019.

    I just received PPR.
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  14. It doesn't matter where the biometrics or medical are done, just as long as you go to a VAC (for biometrics) or approved panel physician (for medical), so your PA can go to wherever is most convenient for her!
  15. It should not matter where an applicant goes for a medical as long as Dr is Canadian recognized on their list.Same should apply to biomtrics

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