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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by LightRose, Mar 30, 2019.

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    Hi thanks for your reply.
    I am trying to use eCAS to find mine application, not trying to link the application.
    I have successfully linked my PR application to my account, and this morning I found my PR+ sponsorship applications in eCAS.
    Now, I am waiting for my OWP.
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  2. Congratulations!! So glad for you.
    Were you able to link your OWP and PR applications to your account at the same time?
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  3. We're still waiting for the OWP approval. And I cannot link the application to my PA account. I checked the online tool it only shows on my status that they are processing my request. (Sponsor) but as per PA it says they received the application April 12. Does this means they haven't started processing on PA's application. It seems that its taking a long time. Yesterday I uploaded some documents on the webform just to update them but I have not received an email confirmation even though it says that I successfully upload it. Hmmm...
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  4. That's great. You were able to link it to your application. My partner can't link his application yet. Does it says on eCAS that they started processing your request?
  5. It says the automatic email service is out of order, but the officer will send you a confirmation later on.
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  6. Both sponsor's and mine eCAS only say in the process.
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  7. Congrats!! So happy for you
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  8. I was able to link my OWP app days ago but nothing yet.....ahhh.

    You know how they say that the way we experience time is an illusion, that time is actually not chronological, it's just the way our brains are able to perceive it? Imagine how easier life would be if we saw it the way it actually is. You'd never have to wait for anything or anyone to find something out, you'd just know immediately.
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  9. Just received the OWP in the mail. No TRV is issued and it actually says "This does not authorize re-entry" therefore a TRV is needed to re-enter.
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  10. Thanks. No my OWP application could only be linked over a week after AOR. And I needed to call in to get the application number to be able to link.
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  11. Congrats!

    I don't expect that the application includes the TRV counterfoil actually. If it's included, they will need to ask for passport submission to stamp the TRV and it should appear in the application document list on GCKey. Seems like TRV needs to be applied separately then.
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  12. I couldn't wait so I called them and asked about my OWP application status. If there is a W application number on file that they can give you, you should be able to link the OWP application.
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  13. And it feels like they are getting slower for some OWP applications...
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  14. Seems like it might be related to the recent GCKey portal upgrade...
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