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    It’s such a relief. I’m glad for you. That’s why we really have to understand that they don’t care about timelines. We need to be really patient and wait.
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  2. To us it's a matter of life changing experience, but to them it's just another day in the office working through never ending piles of documents. I find that we really need to adjust ourselves or else we will burn ourselves out really soon in this waiting game.
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  3. Same AOR date as you, but still waiting for OWP now. Patiently waiting at the moment. :)
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  4. Actually I’m surprised that they sent the AOR to me. I’m the Sponsor. My partner is the Principal Applicant. When I called Last Thursday, I told them that Im the sponsor so he gave me my UCI number from 1997 which was the time that I got my citizenship. I guess that phone call helped But either way us fine. Yeah my partner still waiting for his OWP .
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  5. Thank
    Thank you!
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  6. I totally agree with you, they really should improve their process, it’s really old school bureaucracy. I asked a friend form the States how was her process and she told me that they’re well-organice and you feel less stressed out because they inform you more about deadlines and steps. But, in my opinion, we have to remember that “it’s a privileged not a right” as they say for the Canadian citizenship, we’re not entitled to demand a fast process, but it could be smoother with well-explained information and some kind of deadlines. Also, I can’t imagine the amount of money that they spend on immigration and the amount of money that they receive.
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  7. It will come, you’ll see. Maybe your immigration agent has been watching the final of the NBA :D
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  8. I am really happy for you as I noticed your AOR came much later than others who sent their applications roughly same time as you. Congrats! Hope your OWP won’t take this much time again.
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  9. Thank you I was getting worried and surprised that they sent it on a Saturday. They must be really busy.
  10. I was finally able to link our application!! The thing is, we need to add the sponsor at the number of people in the application. In my case it is 3, even if my dependant (son) is not coming with me. That thread with explanations on how to link the application was great. Thank you everybody!
    Now it says 10 months to wait. Wait, wait wait...
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  11. Exactly!!! It is such a relief to know that we won´t need to do everything again.
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  12. anyone here submitted a separate work permit?
  13. From what I read here submitting a separate application can take longer processing between 3-5 months but some people choose to do that. Have you submitted an OWP with your PR application?
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  14. I just could link my GCkey , says in process , what does it mean , when I will get my owp?
  15. At the time of my PR application, I was yet to receive the study permit extension so did not submit an OWP with it. I submitted a separate application later to Edmonton.

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