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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by LightRose, Mar 30, 2019.

  1. Sorry just saw the message. I pressed 2-1-1-0 for an agent. This is for spousal PR but they are able to help with the OWP that being tagged along.
  2. I think it's going to work the same way as you applied for your TRV when you extended your study permit. It doesn't make sense that your study permit extension or open work permit is approved but an inland TRV app refused. Study permits and work permits applied outside of Canada are always issued with a TRV or eTA anyway. So I really don't have concern about applying for that TRV. To me it's only a matter of procedures.
  3. And Kits automatically got an eTA with the OWP!
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  4. Yes, a new one. My old eTA was still valid for more years and the new one gives me one more year. It is kind of weird, but it makes sense that they link the eTA to the work/study permit. k3nda will be fine with his TRV.
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  5. yes, so i went to the nearest police station and get the certificate
  6. 2 years now, nope they did not ask for a certificate for my country of origin
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  7. that's how it was, and it is because i checked that i chose not to send the police certificate at first, but when they returned my app they underlined the police certificate as missing
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    Application received: May-06-2019
    Hey guys, just wondering if i was the only one here that has sent his App in the beginning of May.
    let me know, please!
  9. Yes, I think so. This thread is for April inland applicants, but I do not think there is a problem helping you, if you need it. I have not seen a thread for May inland applicants.
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  10. Thank you, i am just curious, the waiting time is so stressful, i don't want my app to be returned to me a second time though
  11. I am sorry, I do not remember well, did they send it back just because the police certificate or is there anything else? I know, the waiting is pretty stressful, but this forum helps to feel a little bit relieved.
  12. They have sent it back because the forms weren't validated+i forgot to put the notice of assessment and they asked for the police certificate, that is pretty much everything they were asking for
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  13. Hey I finally got an email confirmation for my AOR.

    Application recieved: 8th april
    AOR : 29TH MAY

    I'll update the excel Sheet too.

    Even though the AOR was delayed according to the spreadsheet updates (which I don't believe it's true) it's still showing 11 months remaining for my application to be processed.
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  14. What's the excel sheet and the spreadsheet?
  15. Not so bad, you will be fine next time. I hope there are not many applicants on May.

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