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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by LightRose, Mar 30, 2019.

  1. Hi,
    Don't worry about your because my application was received on 8th April. Still waiting on some confirmation.
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  2. I hope they are not going to return all for any mistake or missing paper,, fingers crossed
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  3. So if they return, do they still acknowledge you through email or just application return?
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  4. I think you just gona see your file at mail box,, only if you call them by phone in case you can reach any good agent to inform you , but I think it’s too early to give you that info right now
  5. Finally the PR application is linked, still no luck with linking the OWP
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  6. Hi LightRose, could you tell me how did you link your OWP ?
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  7. Category:, temporary resident
    Sub Category: work and extension
    Fill in everything else using uci cause you dont have app number
    And for What type of work permit are you applying for?
    Choose open

  8. I have filled all of that with the correct information but nothing was found, maybe it's not in the system yet
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  9. Ya, wait for a day or 2
  10. Same here, when did you get your aor
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  11. I got to link the OWP after receiving the AOR, and linking the PR application by one day, so I think you should wait till tomorrow and id nothing then the day after, no worries, hopefully everything is good.
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  12. On the 22nd
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  13. Correction : I tried to link it to two accounts and it worked, some members mentioned that you cant but it worked with me so I thought I should let you know.
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  14. Thank you! I also read it in another thread, that´s why I tried to do it, but I could not do it. I will try tomorrow again. It is weird because now I have my application linked to my UCI (I am the PA), but the AOR says "Quote these numbers when corresponding with our office" and it refers to the sponsor's UCI, but I cannot link the application to the sponsor's account.

  15. I think You should be using your UCI when linking the application to the sponser's account, try that or try the application number from the AOR and your last name, make sure you fill everything the exact way you did in your account, hopefully it works.

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