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Anyone's application got processed in Edmonton visa office?

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by EECEC, Aug 14, 2018.

  1. omg, really, this VO seriously is that slow @.@
  2. Haha maybe they got fired and haven't reassigned it.
  3. OMG... This is a really long wait... People who paid rprf upfront should have their files worked right :O did you or anyone else try to raise a request with local MP or anyone??
  4. Wierd... So long and no update at all.. did you at any time try anything else ?? Like approaching a local MP or did you ever think of re-applying? My case is also with the same MR code and my thoughts are that i should withdraw and re apply again :(
  5. I'm inland and on a bowp (which is being renewed now due to passport expiry/. There's no options on my end besides wait. I feel like calling and inquiring does more harm than good if those overworked officers see you're being a nuisance.

    Just like everyone else though. I'm just guessing
  6. I have contacted the MP but no update. I cant withdraw at this point. I will wait it out. It will definitely come
  7. Any movement for the MR8### candidates?
  8. I realize most of the PPR recipients recently are from CPC Edmonton. Whats really wrong with IRCC Edmonton
  9. I got my re-med request yesterday and officially moved to IP2.... maybe something is happening? I'm going to take my test on Tuesday and maybe get a response in three or four months knowing Edmonton IRCC
  10. Congrats! Keep us updated
  11. I spoke with a very nice agent this morning. Told me that my eligibility is now "review required" . It was recommended pass as at August. The case analyst mentioned he couldn’t verify my employer via web search when I received my gcms notes in November 2018. I didn’t bother doing anything as I thought there was no concern since eligibility is recommended pass. I spoke with some people here and was advised to submit documents in September which the agent acknowledged that the visa officer opened on the 19th and is currently reviewing.

    So am just waiting. Ordered another note and should receive on the 13th.

    If I don’t receive an update end of this month, I am also at this point contemplating withdrawing my application and reapplying without the foreign work experience causing this delay. Its 14 month and counting. My energy is running low.
  12. I just received a ghost update. What would it mean at this point?
  13. I am EE CEC Inland applicant.

    AOR: july 20, 2019
    Medical Passed : August 16, 2019
    I called and they told criminality is in progress .... is the office is too slow /
  14. I just got an update from the MP's office that my file has been forwarded to the local office. Which office would they be referring to? My file has been in IRCC Edmonton. I have Vancouver office as secondary office. I live in Vancouver. Or will it be in my country?
  15. We are on the same boat. Mine is AOR: Jul 27, MEP: Aug 21, but still in criminality check. Please update when you get some update. Thanks

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