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Anyone's application got processed in Edmonton visa office?

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by EECEC, Aug 14, 2018.

  1. This office work is very slow ,I applied for work permit on October 11 2018 ,a year ago ,I didn’t get any response from them
  2. I also applied for bowp last year. File was transferred to Edmonton office on 13th December. Haven't heard anything from them afterwards.
  3. did you receive any update ?
  4. but surprisinly dome of the July applicant recieved PPR form the office with 4.5 months ... i am not sure on this
  5. Last time I checked, it was under criminality check. Haven't asked them for a while, and waiting for my GCMS notes now
  6. Hello
    I want to follow up with your work permit application. I have been also waiting from last 6 months and there is no update. Did you hear from CIC?
    Please let me know the updates.
  7. Nothing till date
  8. I am really sorry about that. Just to clear the point of view, was it PHWP?
    Where did you study from?
    How long its been exactly?
    What does GIC account says under processing?
    Thanks in advance!
  9. Nope it was not PGWP, it was BOWP.
    Studied from u of c. Did Masters in Communication Studies.
    It's more than 10 months for BOWP
  10. I pray and hope that your wait will be over soon.
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  11. Just knew VO is CPC Edmonton.. I am CEC inland applicant...

    Aor AUG 01 2019
    Mep: 27 Aug 2019

    CALLED IRCC 07 Oct 2019: Asked about Eligibility met or not. They said file is still in queue for review by officer.
    Ordered GCMS 05 Nov 2019

    CALLED IRCC 05 Nov 2019: Asked about Eligibility met or not. Still same response. Criminality is in processing... But I know VO is Edmonton...

    Some Aug applicants have already got PPR yet mine seems to be like nothing has started...
  12. AOR: Feb 4th 2019 (it's been over 9 months for me)

    Criminality in progress
    Security hasn't started
    No word on eligibility


  13. I applied in FSW-O stream.
    AOR: Mar 14
    Med: Apr 29
    Criminality is in progress
    Eligibility is recommended passed
    Security is not started.
    I have paid all the Fees including RPRF on Mar 14.
    File was transferred from Montreal to Edmonton IRCC in July last week .

    I haven't received Biometric request yet. in GCMS notes, my biometric status shows as "Cancelled/Error". It's been more than 8 months and I'm worried since I didn't receive the Biometric request yet.

    Anyone has any suggestions/ideas regarding this?
  14. Current office: Edmonton.
    AOR: October 16
    MP: November 12
    RPRF Request: November 20th
    RPRF Paid: November 25th

    R10: Passed
    Background check: In progress
    Eligibility: In progress
    Criminality: In Progress

    I spoke to an agent last week who said that my eligibility and background check hadn't started then, so I guess I'm making some progress? Either way, the CIC representative I spoke to said that all is looking good so far and anticipated that it'll be completed in February. But knowing how slow Edmonton is...Fingers crossed!

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