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Anyone's application got processed in Edmonton visa office?

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by EECEC, Aug 14, 2018.

  1. Hello all!

    As per conversation with a cic agent over the phone, I was told that my cec application was being processed in Edmonton visa office. (Right now I live in Calgary but I was using a work experience gain in Edmonton for my cec application). I rarely see anyone mention this Edmonton visa office- do any of you have any experience with this visa office?

    Thank you.
  2. Hi,

    Please let me know what's your PR application status as of today & also please share your timelines. Here are my timelines;

    CEC Inland with 2 dependents

    ITA on Aug 8th
    Submitted all docs and paid RPRF on Aug 10th
    AOR Aug 11th
    NA1 Aug 10th
    No IP1 & NA2
    MEP Aug 30th
    IP2 Aug 30th

    I called CIC on Aug 31st and agent informed my application is being processed at CIO, London, Nova Scotia.

    I raised a CSE to know about my VO on Oct 2nd & received a response from CIC on Oct 11th stating that "My application is being processed at CPC Edmonton, Alberta Visa Office".

    No updates since then. Will there be any chance for any ADR beyond this? Any idea how long the processing time in Edmonton VO & will my application further moved to Ottawa?

    Any responses would be appreciated.

    Andavarayan M (Andy)
  3. Hi,

    Yes my application is CEC and being processed in Edmonton as well and it is still in progress. Do you have any updates?
  4. My application is processed in Edmonton. Anyone has any updates?
  6. My application is at Edmonton visa office
  7. Hi everyone.
    i dont see alot of people with edmonton visa office. can you please post your Updated timelines. so that we can get an idea of the process at edmonton. here is my timeline

    ITA Oct 3
    AOR Oct 15
    MEP Nov 12
    GCMS notes generated on jan 15. i see that my primary visa office is edmonton and secondary visa office vancover.
    as per the notes. criminality is in progress. medical passed. eligibility and security not started. info sharing complete.
    it seems to me that they havent touched my file after the MEP on Nov 12 the same day it got transferred to edmonton.
    i ordered 2nd set of GCMS on FEB 15- yet to receive.

  8. hi, i a, guessing you already got your PPR. if you dont mind can you please share your complete timeline.
  9. Hi my file moved to Edmonton visa office. Is there anything to worry about ???
  10. Ur file is also at Edmonton visa office ?
  11. Mine too
  12. yes, my file is currently at edmonton. when is your AOR?
  13. My file is also at Edmonton office..does anyone got ppr requests from there??
  14. Hii, did you get any updates from there..?
    Our AOR is 4th October
  15. My AOR is dec 3
    Medical passed -15 Jan
    No updates afterwards

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