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Anyone's application got processed in Edmonton visa office?

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by EECEC, Aug 14, 2018.

  1. I guess mine as well. It is very slow there
  2. What is your AOR ?
  3. December 05, 2018- Still in IP1
    My file was not touched since MEP.

    I'm really worried
  4. Don’t worry ... there is nothing we can do about it .. my AOR is dec 3 and medical passed on 15 jan after that no updates .. I called IRCC and they said my file is in Edmonton visa office and eligibility is still in progress mode ... no BG Check started yet .. I don’t know why they are that much slow ...
  5. I noticed that Edmonton VO is very slow. can't imagine to wait for the whole 6 months while other applications processed very fast in other offices. Thinking really about withdrawing mine and resubmit again
  6. Half time is already passed .. just left with 2 more months ... have patience we will hear something this month I m sure about it ...
  7. I just searched this forum about Edmonton and I did not see any positive case from this VO. Most of people complain and even go beyond the timeline
  8. Positive case ?? U mean they take more time than 6 months or they are not approving ?
  9. I have the following conclusion based on my search:
    1- Never finished before the 6 months timeline
    2- Many cases went beyond the timeline of 6 months
    3- They are too picky and there were cases of refusals after five months with very minor issues specifically the NOC
  10. I can understand its very irritating that v r not getting response of our file ... but if u do resubmit it r u sure ur file will not come in Edmonton visa office ? Its a matter of luck and time ... have faith and have patience ... everything will be alright soon ...
  11. Then leave everything in God’s hand ...
  12. At least you aren't Montreal
  13. For money issues, I will not mind cause I need the PR for a mortgage in which a month of saving in rent will be higher than what I will pay again for a new application.

    For having different office, I do not know
  14. How many months for Montreal applicant ?
  15. I have one friend in Toronto .. his AOR is 15 nov .. he is in the same boat like us ... his file is in Ottawa office

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