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Anyone's application got processed in Edmonton visa office?

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by EECEC, Aug 14, 2018.

  1. Thanks for this update. It is really a positive flag
  2. i just called CIC. they said my eligibility is in progress now. now i am happy that atleast they are working on my file. AOR OCT 15 and MEP NOV 13.
  3. That’s great new ... u will get Ppr soon
  4. My eligibility is still in progress ...
    AOR 3 dec
  5. Edmonton VO as well- CEC inland applicant with AUG 3 AOR. I am expecting GCMS at the end of this month. But everytime i've called the agent they just say eligibility is in progress, nothing to worry about. Criminality in progress, security not started is the most they told me. They are saying that eligibility can only be passed once criminality and security are passed and the officer reviews the file at the end. Funny thing is that I also applied for a study permit extension in Aug 2018, which is also in Edmonton. Still have not heard back from them about that either. Any updates with application progress for you guys in Edmonton?
  6. Thanks for update!
    No update for me either. :(
  7. Nothing as well for me. AOR July 22nd.
  8. I called them yesterday and still, my file was not touched since the MEP. My AOR is Dec 10. I asked if my file can be transferred out of this office if no progress for a long time, the agent told me that it depends on many factors and at anytime applications can be redistributed based upon the work load and target processing dates.

    For those who passed the 6 months @Mesh2003 , did you try to call? what was their response?

    It seems that we are all in delay in Edmonton office
  9. Same status ... no updates
  10. Hi, my file is also at Edmonton visa office, is there anynone who got ppr from Edmonton vis
  11. Hi! Welcome here !!
    Nothing changed for me since March 10, I called this morning and security still not started
  12. .
    In the beginning my file was at sydney after that it qas at etobicoke and now its at Edmonton, i think they are very busy lol
  13. I think so too :(

    What is your timeline ?

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