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Anyone's application got processed in Edmonton visa office?

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by EECEC, Aug 14, 2018.

  1. Yeah I have seen people getting approved and PPR's from Edmonton. Also they are pretty fast in issuing work permits. May be we are off cases and there's nothing wrong on our application and it just needs more time. But it's stressing :(
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  2. It is stressing :/
    I hope we get an answer soon.
    I am on day 95, and I am no expecting an answer until day 140.
    I come in this thread everyday regardless, wanna see if people have good news haha
  3. Something weird happened to me when I called CIC to get updates.
    First time I called, the rep was super polite with me and said:
    "You are all cleared out, you must receive an approval by first week of June. Congratulations!!!"

    Then 3 weeks passed and I called again, then the new rep, kinda sounding stressed out, said that I was with eligibility recommended pass and security not started.

    I keep wondering why the hell the first one told me that if it was clearly not the case. And why the inconstancy.
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  4. Got ppr mail few minutes back
    MEP-21 March
    Ip2-March 28(recommended pass)
    Ghost update-June 20 2019
    Cec inland
    Country of origin -india
  5. I raised CSE and they responded saying its in process and all required documents received. The agent I spoke to said they don't need anything from me. I will just wait. My due date on criminality and security is August 13th, 2019. Don't know if it means anything but I saw it on the very first GMCS notes I ordered last year.
  6. Congrats!!
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  7. 5 days to hit 180 days :( . Not sure what going on. All passed from last 2 month but security not started based on Customer care.
  8. @191 days... No info whatsoever... I called three days continuously and no info where my file is. Everything is in progress is the only answer I get.. I decided not to worry anymore and enjoy the moment as and when it comes. But only thing is their management of cases is hopeless and helpless. I might be okay as of now but there are many many more people who have high hopes and expectations on PR. They might be waiting from a long time for this life changing opportunity. I feel sad.

    I didn't get a reply for the web form i raised one week back. I see some people from this vo getting their pprs so i keep my hopes up.
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  9. Mine is Edmonton too. They are too slow.
    Nothing started except eligibility.
    Aor is march 27
  10. I received PPR email from CPC Edmonton with email CPCV_extcom@cic.gc.ca and asked to send the passport to CPC Ottawa - PR, P.O Box 8781 Ottawa ,ON K1G 5B3. Nowhere in CIC has mentioned this address on their website. Do I need to send any explanation email while submitting the passport mentioning my husband is in India and I didn't receive any instructions for him ?.. This is so stressing me out.
  11. It’s the right email for Edmonton I think. I don’t know about your case and why your husband didn’t receive any instruction but congratulations.
  12. My aor is just after yours 1 month, I guess I have hope now to receive my ppr next month. Thank you and congratulations.
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  13. congrats to everyone who recevied PPR:)
  14. Hi, you said 'I can't see that any of us is under RR or SS. Immagine if someone has been placed in this office under RR or SS, it will then take months to move back. ' What happens to cases where Eligibility is tagged recommended passed before review required? Both reviews done at Edmonton.
  15. Sorry I can’t get your question

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