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Anyone's application got processed in Edmonton visa office?

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by EECEC, Aug 14, 2018.

  1. I have just got a response from the MP. IRCC cannot provide timelines. the MP's assistant is frustrated because she told me that other VOs provide a forward date for delayed applications while Edmonton does not do the same.
    What should we do now rather than waiting in this office? Please note that the moved applications earlier through this week had Ottawa as primary office while Edmonton as secondary. This is not the case for most of us where we have Edmonton as the primary office (i.e we are stuck)
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  2. Not yet.
    Today I reached 50% on my timeline bar.
    By my calculations of average PPR for cec-inland, I should be receiving an answer around the 140th day.
    So I am not worrying until then (that's what I keep telling myself lol)
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    Is anyone getting close to their current status expiry date? I will be pretty angry if I have to pay $510 because the IRCC office can't be bothered to send PPR on my application which has been approved

    I had a bring-forward date. It was May 15. Nothing happened on that day or on any day since.
  4. My visitor record is going to expired next month (July 25). My AOR is on Jan 21, and there is 31 days left shown on my time bar. I don’t know if I should apply visitor record extension the end of this month or the last moment in the next month.

    Currently, IP2, criminality passed, eligibility in progress and security did not start based on the call on June 7. I’m thinking to call them now.

  5. 11 months tomorrow. MP's office said yesterday that they were told to call back 1st week of July. Got their email in the evening. I had already called CIC in the morning. Agent said VO had not responded to the reminder email sent to him on April 24th. Have Edmonton as my primary office and Vancouver as my secondary office.
  6. I think you should extend it ASAP. Don't wait till the last moment
  7. Thank you for the advice! I will be doing that until the end of next week. Just want to give myself one more week to wait;)
  8. What is your current status? Please add info to your signature. I am VO Edmonton and Vancouver as well. After they told me that VO had not responded to the reminder, I raised a Webform mentioning the problem with them not answering their own internal deadlines, and after dead I got a ghost update, someone called my boss, and I got another update and my Eligibility has changed to Passed. Criminality still in progress and Security not started. Try to raise a webform mentioning the delay on their response.
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  9. I am planning on applying at the very last moment. The reason is that if you get PR, you can get a refund, but only if they didn't approve the extension yet.
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  10. I have primary as edmonton and secondary as Vancouver as well.. I raised a web form but didn't get any reply for that. The agent said he really can't send a remainder to the case officer and couldn't give me any forwarding date. I ordered gcms but it takes a while to get it. I am really confused on how to know what's going on with my file. The agent said it's only a matter of time but I am not sure looking at how people are stuck at this place. Any suggestions on how to proceed with... Should i raise another web form.. completed 190 days today
  11. Hi
    Does anybody know the email address for Edmonton Visa office?
  12. I'm not negative but the way that I got the response today from the MP and you guys mentioned about your experience as well (those of Edmonton primary and Vancouver secondary, as me) suggest that the Edmonton office is not responding well the queries. It is impossible that:
    1. All of us are having complex cases that take more than 180 days
    2. We can't see any progress in this office. The only progress happened was in the first week of May for one case. The other approved cases since then had PO Ottawa and Edmonton as a secondary (i.e. Edmonton office did not work on those cases)
    Based upon the above, it is our right to get processed somewhere else in accordance with queue of our AORs otherwise we will be lost.

    Guys, now our cases are mostly in progress. I can't see that any of us is under RR or SS. Immagine if someone has been placed in this office under RR or SS, it will then take months to move back.

    The only way to move will be together. Individual efforts won't let us have any result. We keep hearing the same message when we call IRCC, MPs or webforms (no estimated timelines, no bring forward date, no response to notes from call agents, ..........)

    I can't imagine that we are all working in Canada and paying taxes for the processing of outland applications faster.
  13. Very True!
    I called and the agent said nothing can be done from his end as no decision is been taken.
    I have completed 6 months and still same reply.. comes Eligibility ongoing.
    What they are checking and if they need any clarification or doubt they can tell us.
  14. Hmm, I mean you are making an assumption based on a selection bias of looking at people in this thread and the suvivorship bias of people not complaining if they had their application processed. Who knows, maybe we're all the bad eggs.
  15. You are totally right.
    No one with a successful story would come grief about it.
    Same reason companies try to get people to write reviews on google.
    If you have a slightly bad experience, you will rant about it online.
    If it was fairly good, no one would lose their time to make a good or average review.
    We are the "bad eggs" indeed, but whats our %? are we 10%? 5%?
    I think we will never know.
    I am part of some telegram groups and I always see people from CPC Edmonton getting approved with 2019 AOR

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