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Anyone's application got processed in Edmonton visa office?

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by EECEC, Aug 14, 2018.

  1. :O I guess our files are just gathering dust in Edmonton... I submitted a web form and also applied for gcms.. I didn't get any reply for the web form though.. my boss who applied in August got ppr in Jan , just a week before the deadline... May be after Nov it's too much work load for them and not able to complete on time.
  2. Hi guys,
    finally something has moved ahead in my application just got off call from ircc.... she told eligibility is met and they are doing background check now... even though in my online profile it shows that its still under review ....kinda little happy now.... so edmonton office is working we should have hope...
  3. Whats your Aor and stream
  4. Did any one try to send Ralph? Any replies?
  5. dec 3
  6. Hi friends,

    My file was processed in Edmonton but finally I got my PPR email. I m an inland applicant but my husband is in India for the whole process. I m posting every related thread in this forum to get an answer since my 30 days submission time is ticking. Where should my husband submit his passport for stamping to get his COPR ?. I heard that it’s not advisable to send passport by mail here to
  7. No he should not mail his passport to Canada. You should call the IRCC helpline in Canada and explain the whole thing. Ask them if your husband can submit his passport at Canadian consulate/embassy in India and if they can forward instructions to the consulate in India. Have your husband's info handy when you call.

    What's your AOR date from within Canada?
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  8. I got my Invite on dec 22nd ,2018 under CEC and I submitted on Jan 17, 2019. I received my AOR within couple of hours
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  9. I have an update about my case.

    As I mentioned last week, IRCC called my boss to check my eligibility and I had a ghost update on Thursday night.

    I called their agents today, and they informed me that my case was finally moved from Eligibility Recommended Pass to PASSED. Other then that, my Criminality still shows In Progress and Security Not Started.

    The agent informed that the fact the VO has my file is a good sign (i don't really know how that interferes with the Criminality and Security).

    Hopefully good news coming soon.
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  10. I called the CIC today. Ugh there are more confusing. they asked me to send my passport to CPC - Ottawa as mentioned in my PPR email and get my COPR, then they asked me to do Landing PR process. Once I get my PR, the CIC will send me an email requesting Passport to be submitted in Indian office, then the stamping and COPR will be done. IS this even VALID?
  11. It
    I think it is. They did so to a Montreal applicant recently. She is inland and she had to complete her landing before PPR was sent to her dependent applicants outside Canada. Did you indicate that your dependents were outside Canada in your application?
  12. I thought Edmonton office usually gives out ppr or interview email when its about <50 days left.. I guess not in my case..

    AoR Feb 6th
    Medical March 21st
    Criminality and Eligibility PASSED 26th. (it is passed. not recommended passed)
    security not started since March 26th till June 20th. still waiting security to be done

    47 days left..
  13. Hi, same here.. Hopefully we get our ppr today.

  14. Yes I did. Even my husband's Bio metrics was done in India
  15. Any updates for anyone?

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