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Anyone with multiple IELTS attempt ?

Discussion in 'IELTS - CELPIP - TEF - TCF - Language Testing' started by shaheersinn, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. I think I should just give up on my Immigrations dream...

    1st ielts attempt PBT L7R7W7S6.5
    2nd attempt PBT L8R6.5W6.5S8.5
    3rd PBT L8R6.5W6.5S8
    4th PBT L8R6W6.5S7.5
    5th CBT L8.5R9W6.5S8 remark writing unchanged
    6th CBT L9R6.5W7S7.5

    Remarking reading is a NO NO

    I think I'm being sabotaged, although the last reading was unusually tricky.
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  3. Hello folks,

    I see plenty of you have the same trouble with the writing part.
    My immigration dream is also depending on my next IELTS adventure. Took the exam once already, managed 8+ scores, except the writing where I got a 6.5.
    Too bad I didn't submit an EOR within 6 weeks after the exam; didn't know it was possible until I landed here in this thread.

    Fingers crossed for our next attempt/s.
  4. Hi! Would it be possible for you to share the books with me please? My Email-ID is verma.rahul1@gmail.com
  5. Is it possible for you to send me the link for the study materials? Thanks a lot.
    My email: waynexu0114@gmail.com
  6. Guys, avoid giving multiple attempts and fill the pockets of fraudsters like bc and Idp because anyways the cut off score is going higher everday, for eg today's cutting of is 466, so even if you score 8777, one hardly would get to this cutting off. Just make a profile on ee and wait for a province to nominate, which will get you 600 points extra. In this case even if you have 6666, you can get nominated if your occupation is in demand in provinces. PNP is best way to get Canada PR. Good luck

  7. I totally agree with you, but I have been in the pool for a year in 2018 with a bit less than 8777 and I didn't get the invitation from any province because my skills were not on the top of their list. Took IELTS many times btw.
  8. I took IELTS exam 4 times and have successfully cleared it this time. L8.5 R7.5 W7 S7.
  9. i still have no clue how to get 8 in my Listening- my second time score is 7/7/7/7
  10. how can i improve my listening score
  11. They will either give you .5 less in listening or writing. Listening because people would blindly think that nobody will get listening evaluated coz it's a objective test and writing, because it is subjective and that's where they manipulate.


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