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Any recent PPR from Pretoria

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Africa' started by Omotola2016, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. Only God knows what is going on in that Pretoria VO , the most lazy VO , 11 days left on my Aplication .. July 6th last year, the last time I wrote the VO to ask what is going on they told me my file is with the officer for final decision since then now news again .. very lazy office..
  2. Oh thats really terrible and what about medicals -dont they have a years life and its not like they are affordable hey. Im so frustrated with the wait .They really need to consider their approcah and the impact it has on families being apart for this long .Its really not helpful at all.
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  3. Seriously I feel they are doing this deliberately , Pretoria VO is known for there lazy approach to applications, the waiting can be painful and killing ..
  4. Did you get any movement from this visa office?
  5. Nothing at all for now
  6. me too ,we are just waiting -other visa offices seem to have issued a lot of PPRs yesterday hey.Argghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Pretoria.
  7. My elder brother got his PPR on Thursday 18 July 2019, exactly 3 months from AOR
  8. Hi Gimo and Talentdziva, what's going on in this forum??? You guys are so quiet!!!
  9. I tried whatsapping Talentdziva number, but it isn't even connected to WhatsApp! Guys let's share info & encourage each other so very we all waiting for Pretoria VO
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  10. There is nothing to share about Pretoria vo , most ridiculous and lazy VO in the world .. my Aplication is going to 13 month now ..
  11. Hello gimo...but it says on their website that if your processing time has lapsed, you must email them and draw their attention. Please do that ASAP
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  12. This people are just playing with our mind , have email them every week nothing positive than telling me the same story that the application is with one lazy officer for review over 2 months now and this is my 13 month.. very frustrating is there is anything will can talk about Pretoria VO is just too ridiculous and nonsense.
  13. But gimo, you are applying under PNP-paper application, right? I thought the processing time is minimum 18months. If your application is 13 months old, that means you haven't completed the required processing time yet. Mine will be 18months on Sept 2, and they have already indicated that's when the processing time will end...so I'm expecting a decision only by that time
  14. My Aplication is sponsorship family class is 12 months.. I never apply under PNP ..
  15. Ohk sorry about that. Yeah family sponsorship is 12months

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