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Any recent PPR from Pretoria

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Africa' started by Omotola2016, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. when i called cic tollfree, they say they cant given any updates as application has moved out of canada to my local visa office, then i asked them what date it moved. then they said 8th march.
  2. PM me, i will add you to the pretoria whatsapp group. which country resident are you?
  3. Hi thanks alot for replying, can you also add me to the WhatsApp group my number is 0026659098292. We also applied late January.
  4. sure, i just PMd you
  5. Hi there, please could you PM me to add me to the whatsapp group for Pretoria? Residing in SA
  6. Please add me to Pretoria watsapp group
  7. Hi anyone there
  8. Hi. Anyone there who can tell me how long does Pretoria takes to process EE applications. My file moved there 2 weeks ago.i am from Mauritius
  9. Hi @Mk786, have you had any progress on your file since it moved to Pretoria? My file recently moved to Pretoria so I'm curious to learn how long others are waiting. When is your AOR?
  10. Hello. Glad to hear from u. My AOR is 14dec pnp Outland, MEP 24jan bio 25jan. File transfered to pretoria on 7th Feb. 9 weeks already.. No updates yet
  11. Wats ur timeline?
  12. Our AOR is April 2018 so we've been waiting a long time. Our application was processed in Ottawa and Sydney, Nova Scotia, according to our GCMS, but it appears that it's now been transferred to Pretoria, so we are finally nearing the end of this waiting game. I haven't heard of any recent PPR via Pretoria. Good luck with your wait!
  13. That's an incredibly long time. Was there any review required in ur notes that held it back in Canada???? When ws it transfered to pretoria? My file moved to pretoria 2 weeks after my MEP. 10 weeks this week no updates yet. I talked to someone who got PPR from pretoria from mru. His AOR was Jan 2018 n he got PPR in Aug 2018.his file moved to pret in March he told me.
  14. My file was under review required, but nothing in our notes to indicate exactly why. We only got an additional doc request re our mariage certificate, otherwise there has been no movement. I believe the file was moved to Pretoria very recently, within the last few weeks. I know they are working on my file as my manager got a call from the Pretoria VO last week to confirm my employment and reference letters, so I don't think it will be a long wai as all the other processing is complete.
  15. That's great. May u receive good news soon keep in touch
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