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Age Limit for Student Visa

Discussion in 'Education' started by aamsoh, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Dear All,

    I want to apply for Student Visa, and I want to know what is the age limit for it. I am 33 years old can I apply ?
    I visited some consultants, few told me it doesn't matter and few told me after 30 immigration ppl doesn't accept your application.

    Now I am confused ::), please guide me what to do now ?

    Thanking you in advance.
    Waiting for reply.
  2. please reply if someone know about age limit, I am waiting..... :'(
  3. There was a guy on this board who was retired and he got a student visa to go to Canada so judging from that, there is no age limit.
  4. u can apply for study visa at this age ...but only for masters and phd....and u also have to satisfied the visa officer that your genuine purpose is study only....so write a good sop for visa and apply.

  5. There is absolutely no age limit for student visa.
  6. This information is incorrect. I'm a 51-year old retiree (I'm the guy Leon referred to in post #3, above) and am currently attending Langara College in Vancouver on a study permit. I'm enrolled in a 2-year Diploma program and have no prior post-secondary eduction. I recently changed to a Diploma with Co-op program. My wife (age 53) is accompanying me and has a spousal open work permit, and I recently applied for and received 2 work permits for 1) co-op, and 2) off-campus employment. Neither of us has used our work permits (except for the Co-op permit) but we wanted the option and flexibility "just-in-case".
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  7. Hello NeedleArtist, Could you please tell me what documents and proof of funds did you show to get the study permit? Did they ask you about the financial stability of your dependants e.g your children or your parents? I will be applying for the may2012 intake and I am on 35 running. many Thanks
  8. So far as you don't pose a threat to their country, There is no Age limit but your documents must be convincing that you are actually going to do the course you are entering for and on completion of your programme you will go back to your country.

  9. Like I told in the other post

    "First of all its never too old to study, that being the point my friend was 29 when he applied for a three year course at Centennial College - Toronto with an engineering degree for an international business course and he got it.

    You just need a strong profile.

    Hope that helps"
  10. hi, my husband is 27 and wants to apply for student visa for his bachelors, due to some sad predicaments in his early years, he completed his A-levels june 2011, is it too late for him in terms of his age to apply for bachelors? also id like to accompany him, will i get a spousal visa and the permit to work?
  11. hi i am 28 years old i want to apply student visa can i apply ?
  12. Yes
  13. There's no limit for post graduate studies (masters and PhD)
  14. No, If you have done a post graduation like phd or master degree then you can apply for visa...For mine point of view...

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