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After sending passport, how long does CIC take to stamp the PR visa?

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by tdcec, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. And you received your passport the next day ?
    Sorry bro I don't have any idea about PR card but I have heard from friends , it take 2 weeks max
  2. Yes I received it next day. Does 2 weeks timeframe you've heard recently?
  3. Bro what time your tracker got activated!?
  4. Hello Everyone, WARNING......

    Dont go to Niagara Border for landing immigration. Biggest liars in the world.

    I went to Rainbow Brodge today morning. Cross the border, spent 3 hours in Niagara USA and returned back and agent told me that COPR process is closed and he didn't know when it'll open again.

    I called CBSA and they told me to first ask another border office and than do flagpoling,

    I went to Peace Bridge CBSA Office, talked to the lady and she told me that at that moment, they're doing COPR but cant be sure about it when I'll return back.

    I quickly went to USA again, flagpole and returend and officer took my flagpole document and told me that flagpoling is closed and don't argue.

    I went back to office again and the lady wans't htere and the officer told that it was open when I asked an hour ago and now not. And told me to come later evening or tomorrow but no assurance that it'll work or not.

    I wasted entire day for that and no result. I've trip to india next month end and will be back in January end. So may be I'll do COPR process at that time.

    Just don't trust any vorder flagpoling for COPR and don't waste time, money and gas for that.
  5. Just got an update in my account that my status is approved.
    What time your tracker got activated in the evening ?
  6. Honestly I dont know excat time, but by tthe time after an email from cic regarding the update in the afternoon around 4, I tracked my package around 8-9 and it was on the way.
  7. Was it they same day you got update in your account ?
  8. Yes
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  9. Which city are you in the?
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  11. Did they send your passport back? when you send your passport to Ottawa? Thank you
  12. Done with my flag poling today
    Please make sure you double check all your documents
    Went to Montana/ coutts
  13. My passport was delivered on 10th of October
    Signed for by: JSCHEITUBOER
    and I haven't got any response yet. Is this normal these days to wait this long?
  14. My passport was delivered October 9, and I don’t have any information too(((
  15. Did you try calling them?

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