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Advise for renting for the newcomers

Discussion in 'Housing' started by smallwhale, Jan 28, 2017.

  1. Got it. Thought so much so edited my earlier response to avoid confusion. Thanks for stepping in. Appreciate it :)
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  2. This guy explains it all about accommodation in Canada in this video. He shares a lot of helpful Canadian stuff.

  3. avoid basement at all cost
  4. Why avoid basements as an immigrant:-#
    1. No naturtal light,air and moulds are common as you end up in boxed hole.
    2. If landlord has dogs or kids then you are humped as the noises will be unbearable.
    3.Apart from that you will hear all kinds of noises like running tap water, mobile vibrating, people walking etc.
    5.The landlord can only access & will keep the thermostat comfy to his levels and your basement = freezer.
    6. Again because landlord can only access thermostat, there is no advantage of having heating included in the rent.
    7.Basement landlords often say its cool during summers but the fact is majority of the year its going to be either cold or winter.
    8.As an immigrant you need a lot of focus and concentration. But you will have distrtactions 24/7 because of the sound above and will not be able to apply for jobs, do interviews, work and even sleep.
    9. Now because of point above (8), you will have bad health and career.
    10. Forget the word - PEACE

    After all those disadvantages does it make sense to live in a basement and ask yourself if it is worth it risking your health and career ?
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  5. Dude, I get you have some personal vendetta against basement suites, but repeating yourself over and over, and spamming housing threads, isn't getting your point across. Whatever the basement suite (or a prior landlord) has done to you, get over it already.
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  6. Sorry but smallwhale asked question & I answered that. Generally members dont go to search old threads but ask for answers by creating new threads.Yes the answer was repeated as thats what smallwhale asked for and thats why its not spamming.

    Again the forum is dead with very less activity. so no one is spamming the threads.
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  7. How much can a one room house cost in Alberta
  8. Go to Rentfaster.ca to get some idea!

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