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Advise for renting for the newcomers

Discussion in 'Housing' started by smallwhale, Jan 28, 2017.

  1. Hello,

    I am planning to move to Canada in July 2017. As I will be a newcomer, so I may not have any established credit in Canada.
    Will that cause any problem in renting a place ? If yes, what are the ways to overcome that ?

    Thanks !!
  2. Why not worry about this later if you are not being reported by the CBSA at the border?
  3. Any reason why I would be reported by CBSA at the border ?
  4. Hey even i am planning to reach by July 2017, can't decide on how exactly i can find a place to live in initial few months.
    However if u check "airbnb.com" you can find some options to atleast have a place for a month or two.
  5. I kind of agree what Rob had said in the other thread.
  6. In which city are you planning to settle?

    In Toronto: For newcomers, credit is not required. If you will rent from property companies, most of them will require a show of funds (i.e. bank statement showing you have enough funds to pay a year's lease). If you intend to rent from individual property owners, the requirements are stricter. Property owners always ask for proof of employment, reference letters, and credit check.

    I am currently renting a furnished basement suite (bed, drawers, closet, fully-equipped kitchen) in Toronto. I am actually looking to transfer my lease (it is until September 2017). If you are interested, I will send you more details and photos of the place. You can consider staying here for 3 months. It will be 50% cheaper than entire-house/suite Airbnb rental. If you have not researched yet, short-term rentals and hotels are very pricey in Toronto.

    So, if you are coming to Toronto and are interested in taking over my lease, let me know.

    Good luck!
  7. Hotwind is right, credit score can be avoided, because you are a newcomer. A landlord is essentially looking for proof that you will pay on time and take good care of the place. Show them some printed bank statements, maybe even sign a shorter lease with an option to renew, like 3 months and then 1 year if everything is ok. That will give confidence to the landlord that you are serious and trustworthy.
  8. How about renting in other cities - like Ottawa, for example? Is it as easy to rent there as in Toronto if you're a newcomer and don't have credit or a job?
  9. Not familiar with Ottawa market, sorry. All the best anyways and good luck finding a nice place.
  10. You may want to consider paying the landlord 3-4 months rent in advance. That takes care of any credit concerns that the landlord may have. I did that for our first year. From the second year on, you will not need to do this as your credit history would be somewhat established. This may also get you a little discount on the annual rental amount.
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  11. It is illegal for the landlord to ask for more than one month and for the tenant it is stupid to do so. It may have worked for you, but why handover thousands of dollars if you don't have to?
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  12. Absolutely true. Not more than first and last months rent can be required. Renters are very well protected in Canada so don't allow yourself to be bullied by a landlord. I get a lot of clients who need help with that.

  13. Well, i will also be travelling in July'17 if all goes well..I need accommodation in GTA Toronto.
  14. http://www.kijiji.ca/b-real-estate/gta-greater-toronto-area/c34l1700272
  15. Helly everyone i am planning to move to Halifax at the end of April 2017. Are there any suitable accommodations available i.e. 1 bedroom apartment. I would prefer to move in a rental accommodation with long term lease. Any suggestions? I am a new immigrant, so comments with some experience would be appreciated.

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