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Abu Dhabi VAC - PR visa / COPR processing time?

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by aknarang, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. I submitted passport to Canada embassy on 07/07/2019. No news yet.
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  2. Current trend is between 3 weeks and a month.
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  3. Same i submitted on 7 th from dubai vsf and received a massage on 8th that they got my passport hope we will get it next week
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  4. Any update ?
  5. Yes, today my online application status changed ‘updated’ and it is approved now.
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    Embassy received my passport on July 15th (Monday). It's been only two days and today my application is approved.

    Much faster than I expected.

    Edit: Passport has been dispatched today as well!
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  7. Congrats mine is still pending
  8. Your cpc was ottawa or AUD
  9. My VO was CPC Ottawa, but I sent my passport to embassy in Abu Dhabi for CoPR.
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  10. Hey all do you guys know if Aramex that delivers the passport will allow my brother to receive the package with my emirates ID or do i have to available in person
  11. They will allow it, if it's in case of delivery. Not sure about self-pickup.
  12. Yes it is delivery, thank you

    One more question its very stupid but ppr means application is approved right so why is it considered part of the process
  13. Lol no idea. I assume it's just a formality.
  14. @Inrtocad any updates on your passport
  15. Yea, another panic question, aramex arrived with my COPR and the page on the top is wrinkled badly, is that fine?

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