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Abu Dhabi VAC - PR visa / COPR processing time?

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by aknarang, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. I guess it depends on how badly wrinkled it is
  2. Like medium level wrinkles
  3. It's probably fine, as long as all the information is visible.
    If you're still worried, you can always fill out a case specific enquiry to report that it was damaged in transit and you'd like a replacement.
    They will then ask you to send the copr back, they'll cancel it, and issue you a new one.
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  4. Hello dear brother. Just wanted to ask how long did the entire process take from receiving an ITA to getting visa stamping?
  5. You cant put a number on it, some people finish the whole process in 2 months and some in 8 or 9 months and sometimes beyond that.
    It all depends on how they check your profile, documents, etc. and also how long the security checks take.
  6. Can you advise if you send your passport to vsf office, do you need copy of your passport to your online account?
  7. If I send my passport to vsf office, do I need to upload a copy of my passport to my online account?
  8. Do we have to submit the passport copy to online profile if the orignal passport submitted to VFS office? what do you submitted exactly to online profile?
  9. I am sorry, what do you mean by your question?
  10. I mean when I received the ppe letter, one tab to upload the passport copy to my online account but because I need visa to enter Canada so I have to submit it to the vsf office , so my question is , do I have to upload copy of my passport online if I need visa or do nothing online?
  11. No if by getting the visa you mean getting the counterfoil stamped on your passport, then all you need is your original passport (the one you submitted in the application) + 2 photos with the ppr specifications and that is it. Submit the latter to vfs of the country of your residence (it should be mentioned in the ppr letter).
    As for submitting a copy of the passport online, maybe they are asking you to provide a copy of an updated passport, have your passport expired ?, the one you submitted in your application?
  12. I got my passport back in 10 days including shipping :) submitted 31-Sep and received 9-Oct.
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  13. I have submitted to VFS Dubai on 24 October. Still no news. Going to Day 12.... slightly anxious
  14. I also submitted it yesterday..Tracking shows it has reached VAC abu dhabi.
    Did you track it?
  15. Y
    Yeah. It only shows its with the Consulate. No other update. Tried calling VFS, and even the consulate... but no one has any info except "Keep Waiting". I need to travel soon for work and cannot have my PP stuck like this. Even sent out a web form, which did nothing. No response whatsoever.

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