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Abu Dhabi VAC - PR visa / COPR processing time?

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by aknarang, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Nope, it was received a day later, I guess 23rd Apr
  2. That’s great. My passport too was received on the same date April 23rd. Still VFS shows under process when I track it . I guess it should get processed soon.
  3. My passport was received on 23rd April Abu Dhabi embassy and yesterday 23rd May online status change to approved now waiting for return tracker ON
  4. Congratulations!
    Please inform us once the tracking number is activated. You used aramex, didn’t u?
  5. Yes i used Aramex coz here in Saudi we don’t have any other option. Riyadh embassy used to stamping but now they stopped
  6. Return tracker activated today
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  7. Hello everyone, please anyone tell me after eid holidays when Abu Dhabi embassy starts working
  8. From today 9th June onwards
  9. Hi everyone,

    I’ve experienced a delay in passports stamping. Abu Dhabi embassy received passports of my family on May 5 and still no update. This is already the sixth week of waiting. I have emailed to my visa office after 4 weeks and they didn't reply either.
    Is it related to Ramadan and Eid? Is there anyone waiting as long as I am?
    I am starting to be anxious that there might be some issue with our case.

    Thank you all for feedback
  10. Hello everyone I submit my passport from here in Bahrain to VFS CVAC Abu Dhabi by mail last June 9 aramex email me that they already deliver it yesterday June 11 ...I just want to ask if CVAC will send email to inform us that they already recieve our passport? Because I did not recieve any news or tracking ID from them ... THANK YOU SO MUCH I will appreciate any response from you guys

  11. Hello,

    The same case is with me. I submitted my passport on 18th April '19 and I have not received any update until today. I raised couple of web forms and managed to get a standard reply only stating that they are experiencing high volume of applications.

    Its going to be 2 months for me & my spouse and we are getting restless. We can only wait and hope for the best.
  12. They don’t inform you about receiving and sending all you have to do keep an eye on your CIC account and keep tracking your Airway bill number which you put it with your application.
    Currently they are taking longer time than normal more than 30 working days.
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    Dear Guys,

    We have submitted our passports on 30th May, 2019 at VFS office Kuwait. It reached Abudhabi on 2nd June. The problem is my Kuwait residency expires on July 4th so I need to submit the passport to the admin department for residency renewal. I have raised a webform to the abudhabi today. Is there any other possibility to expedite the stamping.
  14. Hi,my agent received the email from embassy thats passport has been dispatched .so hom many days taken to deliver passports I am from pakistan

  15. I have submitted the passport and waiting.

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