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MPNP General Stream Applicants

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by kurtsebastian, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. hello 5jabi, received LOA or not ?
  2. i think due to strike but now it is finish hopefully u received soon or send email and call on embassy number they put on u r letter

  3. thanks kurtsebastian! we will both receive ours! =)

  4. thanks ohanne! pm sent. =)
  5. Hello everyone,
    It can only be God. I praise God for his faithfullness and restorations.

    I just recieve my medical instruction .
    I got my AOR from CIC NS on 11th Oct 2013.
    Medical exam next.

    God bless our applications at all stages.

    Cheeers!!!! ;) :D :)
  6. woooooow,
  7. hi kurtsebastian, i applied in jun,2012. no news .what s going wrong.what shd i do
  8. hi, same here, how much time we hv to wait?
    SHIND hv u got aor, ??????????
  9. hi me also applied in June 2012 my sponser interview done end of October now waiting for LOA I will update soon when I receive it
  10. Hi, wow, good for you, i hope you receive your LOA soon. Yes, please updatd us. ;)
  11. Congrats Mr SK23
    Please Mention time line and intended occupation
  12. Hi Mandyrai, i got nothing except my ph. call to deptt.
  13. hi SK23,your sponser is interviewed ,whats about your interview ? Are you also interviewed OR not yet, Keep us updated ? please mention your timeline.
  14. AND is there any probability of his own [sk23's] interview after his supporter?
  15. how much slow they are? sachi, WAHEGURU MEHAR KARE

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