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CHC, Islamabad Spouse Sponsorship Timeline 2012 -2013

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Kiinngg Farakh Gujjar, May 1, 2012.

  1. thanks a lot.....i got from regular Pakistan Post...
  2. Congrats :) is ur file in Ottawa or Isloo?
  3. thankyou so much,,,got letter from Islamabad
  4. Alhumdullilah got additional docs req along with request to pay the permenent res fee this month.

    Heres my timeline
    May 2012 applied to mississauga
    Aug 2012 AOR & sent to isb
    April 2013 Additional doc req & perm res fee payment

    Hoping for good news soon & best wishes for everyone else thats waiting.
  5. thanks
  6. Awesome! good to see activity for 2012 files...
  7. congrates
    finally 2012 applicants are now hearing bavk from chc
    thank God
  8. .
    thankyou......lots of pray required :)
    my wife is in Toronto on TRV....and this week got extension too till october-2013....but now she will be back to Pakistan in 15 days..inshALLAH
  9. That's a good news
    prayers are with u
  10. That is so right...
    Me and my hubby are waiting for last 8 years ... Filed case 2nd time ... Visted him 7 times in Pak ...
  11. Hi
    My files are transferred to Islamabad. What is AOR? Was this AOR email that I got this morning saying your file transferred to Islamabad?

  12. Salam, congratulations to those who have received something from CHC. My question is that are you getting an email or a letter? If its a letter..is it through TCS or pakistan post?? I am bit worried since am from a village which is really in a remote area..I believe we have to pick up the mail from some other place near by..I fear it might get lost. Best of luck to everyone else who is still waiting like me....hold tight the rope of Allah almighty. Inshallah we will hear something soon.
  13. To everyone who are getting their files in running mode, good luck and best wishes from me. And other fellows, hang in there inshAllah you'll hear some good news as well..
  14. wow 8 years! why have they kept you waiting for so long????


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