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Working in Hongkong as a DH then applying as a caregiver in Canada

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by chibyusaspine, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. of course...they give you a complete package isnt it...payable to "CANADIAN CONSULATE GENERAL"
  2. Try job bank canada, it might help you.
  3. Hi To All!

    Good day!

    Please I need a help to sort all this thing in my mind. I have an employer already in Canada they put in mail my LMO yesterday March 28,2011. and as I read here the LMO will be release at least 8 weeks? it is right? so by that time my employer will send my LMO and I will be on my 7 months and half here. But some are saying LMO can release only by 4 weeks then if thats the case that will be my 6 months and half here in Hong Kong.
    Is it possible that during these blocks of months I can send my documents to Canadian Embassy here? And also I told to my employer that they can make a letter that stating how much they need my service.
    My employer is a Teacher and she has a 3 kids and she really need my help and her husband is working on a shifting time.
    I really need a positive answer.
    Thank you so much!
  4. LMO processing sometimes 6-8 weeks.even though your employer make u letter for urgency...you must be working for:

    atleast 1year full time employment.you can check the selection criteria on canadian embassy website hk...
  5. annemarie is correct, please read below:

    Persons applying for work permits and who have not worked in Hong Kong or Macao for ONE year or more, may expect
    significant delays in case processing. You should expect that it will be at least 24 months before you are called for
    interview. Verification of references, work experience, educational qualifications and training will also require
    considerable time as these documents must be referred to the visa office responsible for your country of residence.
    We will not respond to status inquiries or requests within the processing times, 4 months from date application
    is received.

    Files will not be kept open while applicants complete the training or experience requirement. If the training or
    experience has not been completed when the application is submitted, the application will be refused.
  6. Hi..just new here.. ur conversation interests me.. i and my friend are looking for prospect employer in HK as DH. I have a friend whose in Canada right now, and she's willing to help us to land a job there.. BUT 1st, we have to gain at least 1yr exp as DH.. could anyone recommend us which agency? tnx
  7. hi po, bago lang po ako dito.. nagbabalak po ako mag work sa HK as DH may interview na kasi sa June 02(next week) balak ko po mag cross country din.. pano po kung wala ka palang inaalagaan na bata dun or elderly.. ano po pwede applyan sa Canda agter a year? and magbbigay kaya ng request letter yung amo mo? thanks.. la kasi ako idea basta ang alam ko lang mas madaling mag cross country pag nasa Hk ka na..
    thanks everyone.. am glad may ganitong forum dito

  8. hi po bago lang din po dito sa forum..@ sweetmum23 ..sis ask ko lng kung ano agency un apply mo and dis coming june 2?plan ko rin sana mg apply..thanks
  9. tanong ko lang po kung me mga agency po na maaplayan sa hongkong tapos sila na bahala humanap ng employer sa canada. Ganun po ba un or kailangan ang may kakilala sa canada na maghahanap ng employer nyo? Salamat po...
  10. If u are in already in hk madami agency dn pwede pg aplayan.browse k sa internet kc my mga agency dn pwd ka mg posta ng resume mo then the employer will contact you if they are intererted to hire u
  11. Hi anamarie and everyone!

    I am glad to see here applicants from Hongkong, I am working now in Macau and I have submitted my WP Application
    last August 26 in Canadian Consulate in Hongkong via courier. I have confirmed with the courier that they have delivered the package.
    But I understand it is a bit early going over 2 months for my application. But it is possible they would send me AOR (Acknowledgment of Receipt) just like what I read in this forum in applicants in Manila?

    Please share me your timeline: How long usually the CIC will contact you? Before they will send you request for Medical etc... and the visa.

    Thank you for sharing! God bless us more!
  12. hi everybody..im a newbie in this forum..i just want to ask your advises, could you tell me some agencies which could help me in applying as a Caregiver in Hongkong..pls help!!thanks
  13. hi girlz,jus want to share my experience..,there r some employers here in canada who hire LICs ahead of time...some 3 months or some even a year but mostly as soon as possible... WWWdotJOBBANKdotGdotCA.. just be patient coz there are a lot of agencies online.. i think finding your own employer will save you so much money instead of going thru local agencies there in HK who makes ur pocket empty..Most of the nannies i met here they paid CAD3000 bucks or more....while in fact,,u only have to pay ur visa fee ,medical and police clearance.. i processed my visa by my own and that alone had saved me 2000HK..I had no way of getting out of my employers house during the weekdays bcoz i have PoPo and KongKong who luks after me,all of my moves... i juz kept in my mind IF THERE'S A WILL,THERE'S A WAY"...lolz...im not perfect but i had to lie to my employers...(i told them i had an appointment at d phil. consulate and need to sign some important papers,she gave me 2 hours to get it done!i was from YUEN LONG and my KongKong even wanted to go with me!!!it was that hard..)!anyways,,i got my own mailbox at a nearby postoffice where they mailed my passport with visa and all the original documents./. so each time i stare at my P.O. Box key,,i feel so blessed..lolzz..
  14. WWWdotJOBBANKdotGCdotCA there som jobbank site which r fine but this s official site of jbbnk cnda(not allowed to post links here)
  15. Hi Livly:

    Thank you for the advice. I just want to ask how long did it take for you to get a response from the Hongkong Embassy when you applied for the visa? I am applying for TWP since August. Thank you for your input. Looking forward to hearing from yoU!

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