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Working in Hongkong as a DH then applying as a caregiver in Canada

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by chibyusaspine, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I'm planning to work in Hongkong as a DH coz i heard it's the easiest way to go to canada. My Question is, How long do i need to work in Hongkong ( to gain experience ) as a DH? before applying as a live in caregiver in canada. Thanks. ;)
  2. atleast a year...i worked in hong kong before...yes its easy when i applied...dont know now???
  3. Thanks for the info, ;) well yes, i just heard it from my sister who's now working in canada they actually told it to me. So when you worked there it means your already processing your papers or you waited for 1 year before applying? so you exited from hongkong? May I know the full details on how you did it step by step so that i will have an idea when i work there. Thanks annemarie ;)
  4. my first 10months i think when i applied...coz its took me 3 months to get my visa.once your prospect employer sends you the contract etc...now lmo (hrsdc confirmation)application here is 8-weeks....after that cant remember...but i recieved a letter from canadian embassy hk for interview and give all my docs. that they needed...after my interview they gave me referral for meds and police clearance...i still remember i had an interview dec 15 (docs completer).dec 23 ive got my visa.24 i went home(phils). i had pdos there 1whole day...and u need to pay oec...its up to u if u wanna see ur family...but if u wanna exit hong kong it'll be easier...
  5. if i were u apply wait atleast a year to apply here...dont really sure that time coz my port of entry is quebec...took me a long time to get my CAQ that time...
  6. ok, :) i guess i have to wait for one year just to make sure, actually my port of entry will be quebec. By the way, do you have any difficulty mentioning or informing your employers before? that you'll be working in canada? Some says you have to ask for a reference letter or release letter for you to get your visa. Thanks annemarie. :)
  7. yes they need release letter before they issue visa...
  8. hi there..i intend to work as dh in hongkong too for the sake of my papers going Canada.I have my LMO
    and a contract from sponsor in Canada now and i want to submit my application in Canadian Consulate
    in HK..will there be any discrepancy in my papers since i obtained my LMO while i was working in UAe?
    Please i need your opinion..thanks!
  9. @ soulkeeper....check cic hong kong website...@ least you have to work one year or more in Hong Kong otherwiseyou may expect some delays on processing based on application procedure cic hong kong website...
  10. @ annemarie ,sis if that will be the case,do u think its better to forward my papers in philippines
    then work as a nurse in Singapore for the meantime? or should i just wait 15 to 18 months there?
    Your opinion is well appreciated...Thanks!
  11. @soulkeeper decide which country(hong kong or singapore)where do you wanna work first,then submit your application but not in the Philippines for me for sure...this is only my opinion.
  12. Annemarie, New here in forum... my friend is working in Hongkong as an LIC and she has now an LMO and will apply for a work permit with Canada Consulate in Hongkong. But she has no idea on how to get or secure a bank draft. Which bank can she get a ban draft...thanks.
  13. any bank in Hong Kong...but she can pay debit in the cashier but not cash...
  14. hello, I was browsing the net for online hiring for Canada and I stumbled into this page.. Do u happen to know a website where there is direct hiring for caregivers in Canada? I'm currently working here in hongkong. I've been here for 5 years now and thought I needed to look for better opportunities while I'm still young..
  15. Is there any specific benificiary/payable name in the bank draft?

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