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Work permit DELAY

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by Diwata2018, Apr 13, 2019.

  1. Yes I applied for work permit and the timeline already exceed because in Pakistan 9 or 22 weeks but I am up to 25 weeks and before 2 days I sent webform for enquiry but till now not any reply I sent passport in VFS Islamabad date 22 February 2019 and now up to 90 days gone but still waiting
  2. Did you apply online or submit your application in person? That seems too long.. If you have a consultant living in Canada they can
    Call the IRCc but if outside the only way you can contact them is thru the webform. You can send them again an email and ask for the progress. Can you share the progress of your status in screen capture? Is your status under review of eligibility and background check done etc?
  3. Yes I applied online application and my consultant I don't know because I have a agent from Islamabad and background inquiry background check like this is before approval when you get approval then not do any background check before submission passport everything will be completed and I send passport for stamping visa in VFS Islamabad
  4. Did you receive an email from IRCC that they are requesting for your passport? If yes,when was that? Are you able to open your account or your agent is the one handling your account? Are you receiving updates from VFS regarding the transit of your passport? Coz in that way you can track where is your passport now.. mine says it’s in the IRCC for stamping.. did you personally went to VFs and gave your passport or you send it via courrier?
  5. Yes brother in February 2019 I received passport request form IMM5740 (10-2017) E GCMS and 22 February 2019 I personally send passport via VFS Islamabad and my application online and only representative use ID my personal ID it cannot be linked it I tried to many time but it's not be Linked and I also receive SMS messages from VFS and VFS website also I can track in website VFS I have tracking id I can check but its showing only e passport in under process in ircc office it's passport in embassy for stamping visa now but I want to know how long it's return back
  6. Hi Diwata,

    No I did not renew my contract so I am now taking the risk too. 19w today, so I am hoping for the update. by the way, do you remember sending them the Abu Dhabi Visa Instruction Checklist as well in your online app? because in the online, there is no field there to upload that document, so because I was too hyped up to forgot to upload it in the Client Information section. huhu
  7. Oh,i think i filled that one and my agent was the one who upload it.. is that the one that contains the employer details and the applicants detail from UaE residents?
  8. But don’t worry, once they open your file that it’s on the process for review they should have sent you or inform you thatyou missed/lack a document and normally they would ask you to attach it in 30 days.. you can raise it in webform then attach the document..it’s not too late. Just try and pray..
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  10. Hi Diwata, yes its this form in this link : http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/pdf/kits/forms/IMM5894E.pdf
    I am on 19 weeks, they should have sent/informed me if there is something missing in my app right? I will do it now and attach it in webform. Thanks
  11. Yes, they should be,. Otherwise if they did not ask anything from you means your docs are fine. But nevertheless, just fill the form and send it.. hope you will have an update this week..
  12. Hi
    hi archer, did you apply for work permit as caregiver? What’s your NOC? We applied in UAE and the processing is 21 weeks.. did you try to raise a query in the webform?
  13. thanks again Diwata, everything listed in that Abu Dhabi checklist was actually provided in my app. From my Birth certificate, diploma, TOR, Payslips in my past and current jobs, Employers' Notice of Assessment, Police Checks, etc. I will just do it anyway. I hope its not too late.
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  14. Hi Archer, Did you do an upfront medical or IRCC sent you a medical request?
  15. Just keep on praying sunshine.. you’ll receive the good news soon.. if they request for your medical you can do it in healthbay,. They sent mine in 2 days and the staff are friendly.

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