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Work Permit Delay!

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by Member_Waiting, Aug 17, 2018.

  1. Hello, where are you applying from, and what kind of work permit? extension or new?
  2. Apply work permit with lmia from outside Canada
    May-14 send documents from online
    May-16 passed biometric
    May-17 required additional document
    May-24 interwyou with my employer
    Until this time no update
    Iam applying from russia and prosses in Russia 6 week
    Can you tell me why so long prosses taking time
    Thank you
  3. I am applying inside Canada for a PGWP.
  4. I applied in london on 6 of March and I am still waiting. I too have emailed and get the generic reply
  5. Hi, Dishold!
    Did you get your WP?
  6. Hi I have applied for WP extension on April 15th and still have nothing.
  7. Here is my Time line:

    Applied Aug 20 2018
    Declined : Nov 15 2018 - 63 days aprox: Because i paid $155 instead $255 - Some how i mistakenly answered wrong questions when i was applying online and as result i asked for $155 (Closed WP) however i applied for Open WP.

    Applied second time: Nov 23 2018
    recieved : April 26 2018 - After 154 days - it was not worthy for me because i already got PPR request before this WP.

    i was keep sending them emails every two week for updates because website processing time was showing 84 days and i was sitting over 120 days.
  8. Applied for PGWP on February 5, 2019. Still, have nothing. Keep calling them, they said application on progress. I emailed them last month 2 times, the same response, "we verified the information you provided and can confirm that the application is still in the process". Tried emailing them last Friday no response from email till now. Patiently waiting up to this date. Way too far from the normal processing times. So stressful, but still keeping the faith. Already 165 Days today.:(
  9. Did you get your work permit extension. If yes, could you please share the date when you received approval?
  10. Yeah I'm interested in too if you can share
  11. Hi, I got my WP approved and got the in canada approval letter in my CIC portal. It says that they mailed out the document on July 16th and the average time for CIC mails is 2-3 weeks. I still haven’t received any document so far. Anyone who has been through a similar situation?
  12. Yes I finally received it. The document was lost in mail so had to send another application for replacement of document.
  13. Hi dear, I applied my PGWP on june 18, 2019 and did not get any update yet. But all my friends who have applied after than me, they have got their WP. I call to CIC and they told me to keep calm and wait
  14. Hello
    Did you get any update on your application and what they used to tell you when you called them in regard to your application?
    I have been waiting from last 6 months and still there is no decision made.
    Please help if you know more about these kind of files

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