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Work Permit Abu Dhabi Visa Office .

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by Amrsaeed1987, Sep 23, 2018.

  1. Can i applied for wlrk visa without Lmia
  2. hey bro any update
  3. Hi all I submitted my wp application for AIPP on 8th July still no update
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  4. I submitted my application since October 2018 and no updates till now
  5. Hi all,
    I have submitted my WP application on July 17, on the website it showed, they don’t required additional documents but background check and eligibility is pending.
  6. Hi guys,
    Sowp applied from Kuwait with biometrics on July 3. Awaiting response still. No help with webform inquires.
    Can kuwait applicants share their timeline pls..
    Also, on cic time processing page should i check time required if applied from kuwait or abudhabi?
    Thanks in advance
  7. Me too..still waiting..the agent who applied for send email to Abu Dhabi and they replied that it was on the queue for review..it's like 32 weeks already since. It was applied
  8. Same here.
  9. Hi bro.. I applied SOWP on September 16/2019 that time processing time 32 week but yesterday they increase processing time is 39 week.. And mera visa January me khatam hora hai.. Aor canada visa shayad july tak aaye.. Mai agar case india shift kr lu ya nai.??.. Kuch bad effect toh ni pde ga ese case me?? Kyu yaha itna w8 krna bhut tuff hai..
  10. If you have already applied how will you shift your case to India now ?
  11. Actually i want to ask.. Mera work visa uae me next January finish hora hai.. Agar meri company visa extend nai kregi toh how can i stay here without work visa in uae.. Canada visa result ane tak uae me he rhna pdega?
  12. That you should discuss with your company to extend your visa so you can legally stay and work in uae.
    Since you are getting a SOWP, even if you shift to India I don’t think it will have a impact on the processing of your application
  13. Any news for your application? Which part of the process are u now?
  14. Hi did you rcv your sowp?
  15. Nope.. i think 6 month more to have wait.. :(

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