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Work Permit Abu Dhabi Visa Office .

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by Amrsaeed1987, Sep 23, 2018.

  1. Hello,

    Any one applied for Work Permit in June 2018 from Abu Dhabi and received their work permit ? I have applied on 11 June 2018 and till now no response from the Embassy.

  2. Amr, it takes time... current time to process WP from AUH is 23 weeks, these are avg timelines and timing vary for each application
  3. Thanks for your reply. Hope that I receive it soon. As when I applied the processing was 14 weeks, so I thought I have to follow the processing time on the time I applied on.
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  4. My own story was that during my time processing for WP applications from AUH was 39 weeks(yeah no typo) so my lawyer decided to apply via India(because of my nationality) where processing time was 9 weeks... I got WP approval eventually through AUH (my file shifted in the last week from India to UAE) in 19 weeks...
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  5. 19 weeks that is too much. Now i am in 15th week so that mean I have to wait more to get it approved.
    Thanks for your kind reply
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    Again each application is different in many respects, I was trying to merely highlight to you that avg processing time mentioned on the website is just an indicator
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  7. Thanks for this clarification.
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  8. Hello Everyone!
    Did you guys receive a your work permit?Any good news so far,please update us and kindly share your timelines:)
  9. Yes finally got passport request mail yesterday and shall submit passports to VFS dubai on sunday :)
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  10. WOW that's a very good news!I am really happy for you, a shorter time to wait for you passport with stamp and then you are good to go.By the way did they ask you for medical and biometrics before?
  11. Thank you so much, only biometrics is done on same day of wp submission, for medical, uae residents dont need medical examination.
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  12. Thats good! Thanks for info..mine was long way to go.I hope my application probably would take 4 months same as yours,just applied end of August.
  13. Hello!
    Any news from UAE applicants who applied and got their work permit.Please share your updates and timelines. So we can track how long is the work permit processing in Abu dhabi VO.
  14. Applied on 11 June 2018 Dubai VFS
    Received Passport Request on 2nd of October
    Almost 3.5 Months
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  15. I hope you already receive your passport back with WP stamp.Have a safe journey to Canada!

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